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Hi! New here to this site..

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Good morning! Just found this site after searching for awhile..seems so simple ACS! don't know why I didn't think of it in the first place! :)
I was diagnosed in June, 2 weeks before the closing of our house..we had planned to move to FL, so everything is packed, except our summer clothes (I live in CT)..needless to say, we had a change of plans and had to move in with bachelor son! Luckily we packed some winter stuff with him. Anyway, I had a double mastectomy in August and started Chemo in September. I am on the ACT treatment...I started the Taxol and will end that in January. I also have to do Herceptin for 12 months, I started that with the Taxol and then in February I will go once every three weeks.
I was hoping some Port Charlotte FL area people can recommend some oncologist..I do have names but would like feedback. I've lived in CT all my life and you get to "know" of Dr's and hear people talk. Now I am moving to an area where I don't know about any medical stuff. I would appreciate a direction to go! thanks.

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Welcome....so happy you had to your son to fall back on during this part of your life.

This is a great site, very informative and helpful!


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I'm originally from Punta Gorda but haven't spent any time there since '91. (Daddy's family had been there since in the 1880's and Mom' in the early 1930's.)

As far as hospitals go (back then) St. Joseph's in P. C. was by far the best - Medical Center in P. G. is the one I'd definately stay away from. Have experience with both with family - Grand Mom, Daddy, Mom and Sons.

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We definitely have ladies here from Florida....since our board gets so many posts, they might miss yours. I might suggest you post again, and use something like "Anyone in Florida?" as your subject line, so that our Florida folks will be sure to read it, and can respond to you if they're in your area.


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Hi, I'm sorry you have the need to find us. I've found this group incredibly supportive, caring, compassionate, fun, etc. I hope you find the same too.

If by chance someone here doesn't have a doc recommendation for you...you can always research names on your computer. And don't be afraid to get 2nd or 3rd opinions. Good luck with your move and your doc search.



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I appreciate the welcome! I think this site is awesome..good discussions and the helpfulness I see is great!

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