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New mets to lungs and liver

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Hi, this is my first post, although I have been reading for a while now. My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 grade 3 adenocarcinoma. She was treated with 3 rounds of tax/carbo, radiation and then 3 more chemo rounds. After this she took 6 weeks off treatment and then had a CT and pet scan. These scans showed some regression in some nodes but also some progression in others and a small nodule in the liver. She went on to have three more tax/carbo treatments. These last three have been difficult and the last 2 of the three were delayed due to lowered blood counts. The latest scan shows more progression in the liver and new mets in the lungs. Also a mass in the pelvic area that is pressing on her kidney. We sought the advice of MD Anderson and they suggested Doxil ( we were not very happy with our visit there, and felt her case wasn't properly reviewed). My moms gyn oncologist is suggesting doxirubicin not doxil.

I'm just curious if anyone knows the benefit of doxirubicin over doxil? Also, what this could be paired with? Are there any other drugs that are successful with reaccurant metastatic endometrial cancer? I keep reading about Avastin and cisplatin. I know her gyn onc mentioned cisplatin but I don't think he was planning on using it in combo with anything.

Any advice would be greatly apprecieted, and I hope everyone is doing well, my best to everyone, and thank you.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. You must be very worried.

I had a recurrence of grade 3 adenocarcinoma after initial chemotherapy and radiation. My general oncologist was having me try Carboplatin and Doxil combination. I was able to have a consultation at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance with a gynecological oncolgist. She felt that Doxil is just as effective on its own, and that is what I am going to do now. I am getting some slow regression of the tumors, and will continue on monthly maintenance.

The doctor at Seattle Cancer Care also talked about studies I could participate in if I wasn't getting a good result from my current treatment. I hope the same opportunity is open to your mom.

Wish you both the best! Teresa

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