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still in the hospital

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after getting great scan results the day before thanksgiving, just wasnt feeling right got worse to where i could not get out of bed or walk.....turns out had a horriable infection in ab wall, so here i still sit, no food, just ice chips and iv's!!!! STINKS!!!! i will keep yall posted!!!

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So sorry to hear that you are still in hospital.

Is the infection being controled/resolved with antibiotics?

Have the docs given you any idea of how much longer you will have to fast?

Sending hugs and well wishes that this may all soon get better and you can get home.

Marie who loves kitties

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I hope the infection gets cured quickly and your out and about, pain free enjoying the Christmas Season.
Winter Marie

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Sorry to heart this! Being in the hospital is hard.
I'm glad you have your computer to pass the time and keep in touch with friends.
I'll be thinking about you and looking for your next post that "all is well."
Take care and get well soon!

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Hope you get well and home before Christmas!!!

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and can go home. Keep us posted.

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We are sending our thoughts and Prayers for a good outcome quickly.

The Ice Chip diet is not very fun.

Best Always, mike

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...are the diet sensation - that's sweepin' the nation:)

Get well soon!

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Sorry that you are going through all this. Hope they get the infection treated quickly so you can go home.


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prayers that you get rid of the infection quick!

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Get well soon!!

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