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It's that wonderfull time of year again. Time for my annual "roto rooter"...

son of hal
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Yep time for my colonoscopy. It was the week before Thanksgiving 2009 when the tumor was spotted. Then after chemo/radiation and nine months of NED my second colonoscopy spotted the recurrence. So, two colonoscopies, two tumors. I'm hoping the third time's a charm and comes back clean. My CEA is good, my scan last month was clear exept for the same enlarged lymph nodes they've been watching from the start. Had my reconnection in May and still have some issues but nothing to complain about.
Santa knows what's on my wish list and it's the same I wish for all of us. Good health and NED. It just sucks that my annual scans and tests are always at the holidays now. Justs adds to the hectic mood of the season but reminds me how thankfull I am to be able to enjoy it.

For those that don't know, a "roto rooter" is a snake like mechanical drain cleaner....

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Try not to worry too much. Just think about what a nice gift it will be to get good news at Christmas time. Best of luck to you. Please let us know your results.


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I found out after my last Colonoscopy that I am funny under sedation. Who Knew?

Sending thoughts and Prayers for a Positive outcome!

Best Always, mike

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