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Started Hospice today

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Decided to get my mom started with hospice today, the people that came out were very nice and I really liked all that they had to say. My question for anyone that may know is how good is Hospice and did I make the right decision. My mom has basically stage 4 lung cancer and she took two rounds of chemo. The chemo was shrinking the cancer and then out of no where she decided to quit taking them. It has been a month and a half since her last treatment,she is home and gonna let it run its course, so that is the reason i called hospice in,did I make the right choice?

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Most people find hospice to be very good, and usually, the earlier you call them the better. Since hospice is run by different groups you occasionally hear of someone who has not had a good experience. Generally speaking, though, hospice knows how to control pain. They are there for the whole family and are even available with grief counseling after the loved one passes. My experience was very positive. All of this is my way of saying, yes, you did the right thing.

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Thank you. it really makes me feel better to hear I have done the right thing.

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Yes, I think you made the right choice. In my experience with hospice, they will be there as much or as little as you want them to be. I didn't want anyone but me to be caring for my son David, to bathe him and clean him and see him undressed, etc. and they allowed me to ask for help when I needed it and they did not force themselves on us. I finally needed help with bathing David. It was too uncomfortable for him when I did it alone.

They also were incredibly generous with supplies. I was spending over $20 a day on chucks and undergarments and they provided all of that, and more than I needed, with no extra charge. They also gave me about a tube a day of a very expensive dressing to prevent bed sores from incontinence. I bought it a few times off the internet and it was $13 a tube. I was really grateful.

I needed their expertise in pain medication too. I wanted to keep David's pain under control but I didn't want to overdose him. They worked with me on keeping David pain free.

Anyway, I too think you made the right choice.

Love and blessings and peace to you,
Cindy in Salem, OR

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Thanks like I told Grandma it is good to hear that I went with them, Not sure how much time I have left with mom and the few days they have came it has really went well.

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In retrospect we should have called in Hospice sooner.
Good call.

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My father-in-law had hospice in April and May of this year.  My mother-in-law wishes she would have contacted them sooner so I guess you have made a wise decision.  It lets her be home and comfortable in whatever time she has left. 

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