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update lung function

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Seen the Dr today for my results of lung function. He says I have 60% function. I was so hoping for better results. But he said it can still improving. I will be on Pred, for the next three months and come of it slow and see were my lungs are at that time. I feel like they improve each week. Two weeks ago I could not walk through the flea market. Last weekend I did just that. I have to go slow but that's ok with me. I hate this cancer and what it does to us. But will keep up the fight for as long as it takes. Your all in my prayers.


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Dear Kay,

We live in an instant world and it is normal to want to be over and done with it quickly. You have come a long ways in a short time and I am certain in due time, you will be back hopefully to your full lung capacity.

You do sound like you are making strides every week, as long as the progress is going the right way, I guess it will come.

I think you have done marvelous.

Wishing that each day you find breathing easier,


New Flower
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Hi Kay,
I know it has been almost 6 months for you and you want your lung capacity and strengths back. You will be back, no doubts . Each day you are making you a little progress bringing promise and hope. Thank you for update.
Sending positive thoughts and energy to your way.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Oh Kay, I am so happy for your progress! I love flea markets. It is wonderful that you were able to do the whole thing.



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Hi Kay,

Summer of 2011 I couldn't walk across a room - even a small room - without stopping to rest. The chemo almost destroyed my lungs. I've been off chemo since January and I'm still working at getting my lung function back. I'm currently recovering from yet another bout of bronchitis and am back on steroids - pred. It really is a pain but I am getting better and so will you. 60% is better than 40. Hang in there.


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