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Abnormal pap

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Has anyone had a abnormal Pap test after follow up care, post chemo and radiation? And what was the outcome? I am 1 yr post TAH.

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Yes I did, 2 yrs ago which was 1 year post completion of treatments. My regular OB did my yearly exam and showed abnormal PAP and told me I need to come back in his office for a hysterscopy. This procedure is where he put a light up the vaginal area and puts some chemicals on a long device to test the inside of that part of my body. Depending on the color it changes to, will be the results. Mine came back "normal"...yeah!

Doc told me these tests happen to his patients with no cancer and request they hold off on hysterscopy for another year. Seeing I had cancer diagnosis, I needed to see him for procedure. So...really depends on if had cancer or not.

My OB as well suggested I have another PAP in 3 months, but informed him I was seeing my oncologist in 2 months and he'd do the PAP. Still normal!

Tests are as good as the people who draw the fluids, etc. Try not to think too much into it, as you see in my case, was nothing. Just caused me more stress for another test plus thoughts of OH THE CANCER IS BACK...

Hope all will go in your favor...keep the faith!

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