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Sore ear

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For the last week my left ear and cheek area have been bothering me, I tried to research ear pain but not a lot of luck. I do remember Longtime Survivor commenting on some post that they to were worried if it could be the tumor coming back and he said it was likely the radiation I guess I will know soon enough I get my PET scan on Monday but as we all know Im getting nervous over all the little bumps and grids we feel. 2 nites ago could not sleep due to the pain in my ear and around it, needlessly I thought Brain tumor, or BOT has returned, better last nite but still bothers me a little. I did had some teethe shards removed Monday and the Dentist said that may have affected my ear. Just trying to toss the Monster out of the Closet....

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I'm sure you have nothing to worry about as for what you are worrying...

More than likely it could be anything from the teeth residual, to wax from the rads...or just the welcome to after effects of radiation fall-out...

The gift that keeps on giving...several years out with various aches, pains, sore spots, occasional lumps and bumps, and those just don't feel rights...


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I swear, the week before my PET scan, I suddenly had numerous aches and pains around my head...my liver....even the bones in my legs. I couldn't tell if it was the uncomfortableness of the pains that kept me awake, or worry about those pains causing insomnia.

Good to get the monster out of the closet and hear what everyone else has to say. John has been out of treatments a long time, so knows what little paybacks the rads cause down the road.

It's going to be all right...I'm sure of it!!!


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there's no place like home. There's no place like home.... Seriously, the odds favor it not being a recurrance. Dental stuff, yup. Post radiation stuff, yup. Every ache and pain kind of tugs at the emotion. For all of us.

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Maybe you are sleeping on a folded over ear. That hurts!

As for monsters in the closet, they make an anti-monster spray that works real good. One can will treat the whole house and it lasts for ever.

Good luck figuring it out.



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I can relate to the worry part but, I get weird aches and pains and as far as I know I don't have cancer. Hoping for the best


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I too have ear discomfort and pain. I have not started rad txs yet but will on monday. I called my ENT office yesterday and had them get me to see him. This is the same pain I was feeling before they removed the tumor in my submandibular gland. Surgical site pain is mostly gone but ear discomfort remains. My ONC Doc said don't worry it didnt show up on pet scan. The thing is, niether did the 3.4 cm tumor in the gland. I,m going in for a little arm wrestling match with the ENT.

I hope your ear feels better soon.


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and if it makes you feel better ...ear hurting is a big time post rad affect. Mine hurt for quite some time pretty bad, especially the left one (BOT tumore was on the left side as was the one lymph node) so they pretty much lit that side up with radiation strength..any my left ear still hurts today if I push it or pop it on something ...like the car door ...but its a deep ache / hurt ...not surface...my onco said "yep, post rad' ...

YOu will have a great scann!



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Thank you so much for letting me know that ear pain after radiation is normal. I keep worrying the tumor is coming back.

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Jim has ear pain almost constantly at some level and the doctors have agreed his is caused by radiation nerve damage. Weather affects it from time to time.

He takes his pain meds and goes on with whatever he has planned: tries to distract himself and most times it helps.

Holding good thoughts that your pain is from the radiation, or, most likely, the very recent dental work and the tugging at the area that likely caused.

Let us know!

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