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Getting "De-ported" Monday

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Monday I am to get my port removed in my surgeon's office. I am excited, but I am not quite sure what to expect, as to the procedure. Probably some shots and I will be totally aware of what is going on. (I will just have to shut my eyes, probably.) I am not quite sure about the soreness factor or other post-removal things. I have read of some who start taking the advil or tylenol ahead of the procedure to get a jump on the discomfort. I am thinking I might want to sleep a night or so in the recliner, until the soreness subsides because I do not sleep well on my back. I need to be able to turn a bit, and in the past the recliner has been a really big help.

Anything anyone has to share?

Pink Rose
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Wishing you good luck on Monday!

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You can take Tylenol, but you don't want to take an NSAID prior to the procedure, as it could affect bleeding.

I felt like I'd been punched in the chest. But the joy of having the port gone is well worth any discomfort!

Mine was removed with just an injection of local anesthetic. They blocked the procedings from my view. I felt nothing more than a little tugging. It was easy.


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Thanks. I am the type who probably would have forgotten to take anything ahead of time. I am slow to think to take something afterwards. Now I know I will just wait to see what happens -- as well as what the DR suggests.

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I had basically no response to the port removal. It was done at the hospital. I had very little residual soreness of any kind. It was a piece of cake.

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Megan M
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Wishing you good luck!

Hugs, Megan

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Who would have ever thought that being deported was a good thing? I was very glad that I had a port put in prior to chemo, but I was even more pleased when I had it taken out. Having that raised bump under my skin bothered me mentally - but not physically. I had the port in for about 9 months. It was removed in the doctor's office. I drove myself to his office. First I was given an injection of a local anesthetic. All I could feel was a tugging sensation. Then it was over. I had a couple of stitches covered by a steri-strip. I drove myself home. Actually I stopped at the grocery store on the way before I went home. I really had no discomfort of any kind. Of all the procedures, biopsies, scans, surgeries, etc. the port removal was the easiest one. There is really no need to stress out over this one. Congratulations. Another step on the road to "normal."


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We all 'see' things differently! My port has been in since Aug 09 and there it will stay til Aug 14.. The survival rate of IBC is not all tbhat gret so I visualize it as my little soldier standing guard to keep the monster at bay but if it should raise it's ugly head again the soldier is there and ready for battle. Also I like going once a month to have it flushed as it makes me fel like I'm doing 'something' positive. - also it lets me talk with my PA's RN and if I have any questions she'll check with Jan (PA).

YUP - we are all different and that's good.

Winyan - The Power Within


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and it was not a big deal at all. He numbed the area with a local injection. Then he had me keep my head turned to the opposite side. We talked the whole time. I felt a bit of tugging, pulling and pressure, but no pain at all. He used dissolveable stitches to close the incision--again, some tugging, pulling but no pain. It was all done in less than 15 minutes.

I was a bit bruised in that area for a few days and a bit tender (like a bruise feels), but I'd say within about 10 days all was back to normal.

You're going to do fine with this--don't worry. It's not bad at all.

Hugs, Renee

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I am also wishing you good luck with the deporting. Post to update us as to how it goes.

Hugs, Angie

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I didn't take chemo, so, no port for me, but, good luck today to you on getting your port out.

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A very exciting day. I'll be thinking about you.


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As I think about it, I think the day will be rather significant to me and I am not sure how I will react afterwards. I would think it would be, even for me, an emotional day.

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Things changed a bit in relation to my "deportation." My surgeon no longer does them in his office. He does a bit more than just numb the area, which I know I prefer -- although I was willing to go with what I thought was the plan.

So, today was a pre-op session. I expect to hear tomorrow when to head to the hospital for out-patient procedures. They have rooms over there that are called "Procedural Rooms." i am wondering if it will be like the area where my husband and I have been for those "wonderful" tests called colonoscopies . . .

We will be out of town between Christmas and New Year's and so I guess the job will be done either the first or second week of January.

Thank you, all, for your well wishes.


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Sorry that you couldn't have it done today. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year's!

And, good luck when you do have the port taken out.

Hugs, Noel

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It must have been very disappointing to think you were there to get your port out and had to leave still not knowing when it will be done. I would have screamed and cried off and on the rest of the day. Shame on that surgeon!


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January 8, 7:30 am, is the date.

The problem wasn't with the surgeon. It was just a lack of communication of details when my oncologist's office called to tell me I had an appointment. I should have called the surgeon's office just to see what the plan was but I assumed.

Probably, if the job had been done at the office, it would have been done Monday. With its being at the hospital, then he had to do a pre-op thing AND also have Lisa schedule a procedure room for him at the hospital.

It may be that I could have had it done between Christmas and New Year's but I will be out of town. He only does surgeries and procedures at the hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I am not too disappointed, as I am thinking I now have a better chance of having something, in addition to numbing, to help make the experience easier.

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It's good that you aren't disappointed and that you have the date now for deporting. We will all be here for you on the 8th of January, wishing you the best.

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Megan M
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Have a good time on your holiday and good luck to you!

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