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Things are sticking together post treatment

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Hello everyone,

I have a question. Things in my genital area are sticking together. I noticed when I urinated that it wasn't falling immediately and felt something odd. I got a mirror and looked. The skin (which is raw) that lays on the sides of the urethra (not the outer set but the smaller ridged flesh that extends down from the critoris) was stuck together for about 3/4 of an inch. This was causing the urine to travel down a channel toward the vagina before exiting near the vagina. I was able to use a q-tip covered with Aquaphor and pry it apart. It bleed a little but actually feels much better now that it's free. I also noticed that the vagina opening is very small and swollen. I couldn't tell if that area was stuck together or not. I figured I'd look later after the irritation of what I did already calms down.

Has anyone else experienced this?

And please excuse my frankness about such personal things.


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Modesty and personal things? Not after the treatments we have had! And not on this board. I also had similar problems and aquaphor was my friend. (still is sometimes). It takes time to heal. Discuss your problems with your doctor and they may have better/different solutions. Lorie

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Ok. So, I'm not alone. That helps to know. And on being modest..I know it's normal talk but I cant help trying to soften it. Sigh

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Fusion of skin can be a problem after radiation. I think if you will keep Aquaphor on the site on a regular basis, this should help tremendously. Skin that is lubricated is not going to stick to another patch of skin. Also, have any of your doctors given you a vaginal dilator or mentioned getting one? It would be a good idea to begin using one as soon as you are able to do so without great pain. This insures that the vagina doesn't continue to atrophy. I would highly recommend getting one.

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Almost two yrs later and still using due to excess inflamation and stenosis. The swelling may get worse before getting better over the next yr.

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gigi, i did have extreme swelling and raw... docs said that this would calm down ,... keep using aquaphor and get a dilator to use when healed ....i think i waited one month to use mine and started really small and really easy with lots of lube. sephie

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Maybe the Premarin estrogen cream might help. Ask your doctor. This was my best weapon.

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