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Turmeric Recipes and Supplements

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I am trying to incorporate more turmeric into my diet. Do any of you ladies have some recipes to share? I asked jazzy1 for her turmeric salad dressing recipe on another thread, and now I don't remember which thread it was, so I can't check for an answer! But any and all ways to use turmeric would be appreciated!

My previous mainstay was something I called a turmeric "steam-fry", which is actually lightly steamed vegetables (e.g., broccoli, carrot, onion, garlic, and celery), mixed in a pan with a small amount of cooked rice and cooked lentils, stirred with a base of olive oil, turmeric and pepper. I have also mixed it into brown basmati rice and added either vegetables like peas and carrots, and/or a small amount of cooked organic free-range chicken, but I am currently not eating meats. I would especially like to find some ways to use it with raw foods, without it being over-powering.

Also, I could use recommendations for turmeric/curcumin supplements. I can't swallow pills, so it has to be crushable, or liquid.

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Yes I did post the salad dressing that I use which is basically the concoction we use with turmeric. I add to my cabbage salad with lots of fresh raw veggies such as carrots, broccoli, onions. If the taste is a bit strong to start, try adding just a bit of some other things to tone down the flavor. One must learn to be creative when inventing new recipes...lol~

Turmeric, black pepper and olive oil

This mix is good to add to anything such as your stir-fry, omelet, soup, etc, etc. The sky's the limit!!!

If you type in the SEARCH button above -- turmeric -- you mibht find some really good posting on the importance of this spice. Do know we've had some good discussions on not only this spice but many other food ingredients.

Happy eating.....

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Well, that sounds simple enough! That is exactly how I use it in my "steam-fry", but I wondered if there were other ingredients to add for a salad dressing.

I'll have to try a cabbage salad, too!

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