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confused, annoyed, denial, and sick of "I'm so sorry cards."

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This just about sucks doesn't it? Since diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer, I really haven't felt that depressed. It's funny though, I think I am becomming more angry by the day because when I was diagnosed (a month ago} the docs were all like. "Oh yeah, 90% survival rate. And now that they have my business they keep forgetting what they've told me and the numbers keeping dropping." It is not the result of tests either.
I'm sorry I sound like such a critical, negative, person but does anyone else feel like there are so many different opinions (even between radiologists and oncologists working at the same hospital, that you're just kinda taking your chances.

Im a woman, 33 years old. Don't want to die and leave my two babies. I know you know how it feels. I just wish we could all wake up from this horrible nightmare. I think we will.

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I was diagnosed 1 month ago with Anal Cancer, and since then the goal posts keep changing, not on subsequent tests either. I am angry too. More angry than any other emotion (except scared maybe). The cancer that is currently invading my body is apparently behaving more like a rectal cancer (position of the lymph nodes involved) and I am due to start treatment next Tuesday. All planning done etc. However, I was called in by oncologist yesterday to discuss the 'late effects' AKA radiation damage to small bowel. That would have an enormous impact on my quality of life. I just wish they would be up front with their information from the outset so that we can get our heads around reality.

So I kind of get where you are coming from. But just 33 and with 2 little ones......that's a tough one. I hope you have got support. We all need it at times like this.....big time!
Liz x

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I am in remission for one year and Docs still go back and forth on whether anal or rectal cancer. My chemo doc who is awesome says SSC anal and my surgeon and rad docs say rectal cancer being treated As anal cancer. I read both boards and find terrific info on both. You will too, I think. Lorie

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It's now three years since I was dxed. The first eight months was a bumpy ride. But here I am now,NED for many months living a normal life. So it can be done. Don't be too afraid and just roll with the punches. You too can be NED (no evidence of disease).

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it's over a year for me... and one thing is for sure, every one of us is different. No two people have ever or will ever be EXACTLY the same. The drugs are different, their answers are different their speculations and forecasts are all different.

and, for me and many others... the first six months are the hardest.
but rest assured, there IS goodness on the other side.
trust me on that one.

Ask questions here, demand answers... take all the anti-nausea meds and try and stay as calm as possible.

the "i'm so sorry to hear your news" won't stop for awhile... you have people who care for you and they do not know what else to say, but they ARE there for you.

keep your head up and enjoy each day to the best you can.


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