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Happy news!

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I had a bunch of lab work done. My CEA (one of my cancer markers) is down again, this time to 14.6 (down from 16.2 in September). Although it is still very high, it has continued to go down now all year :-).

I have had Hashimoto's thyroiditis (since 1982), so we also follow my thyroid from time to time. Well, my thyroid is very low and this actually makes me happy, because I have been sooo tired and have gained weight. My endocrinologist called in a higher dose of synthroid and we will recheck my level in February. Hoping to perk up soon!

Still waiting for my Ca 27.29 (other marker). Say a little prayers and/or send good thoughts. I'll probably find out Friday.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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CC as always you and your docs are on it. I'm sending those good thoughts!!



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Cynthia, I'm praying that it continues to improve.

What is Hashimoto's thyroiditis?

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Hi CC. I am a Hashimoto's kid too and I know how life flattening low thyroid is . Glad to hear that your Synthroid is going to be upped and that you will soon feel better. Good news on the cancer markers! xoxoxo Lynn

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So good to hear happy news!

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higher dose of thyroid, now that is something to be happy about. Having had thyroid
cancer years ago along with the removal of my thyroid - I completely understand being
tired, and the weight gain -- grrrrr.

Laughter, and HOPE .. dear Sister.

Love you, Vicki

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Prayers and good thoughts coming your way now and whenever you need them.


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