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An early Christmas blessing..

michdjp's picture
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Joined: Sep 2011

Hello to all,

Our family received an early Christmas blessing I wanted to share with this family,
my dad went for his pet-scan and has NED. Thanks be to God..
He was diagnosed 8-8-11 and finished treatment on 10-24-11 so this is our one year
Scan. it is overwhelming. I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday and send
My warmest regards.


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The positive news has returned.....

Merry Christmas,

phrannie51's picture
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Joined: Mar 2012

What a wonderful Chrimstmas present!


ToBeGolden's picture
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Let positive news dominate this board. Rick.

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Joined: Aug 2006

Hey Michelle, that one year milestone NED news is a wonderful early Christmas gift indeed, the best kind to receive! So, please pass on to your dad my congratulations and wishes for a very happy and merry Christmas!


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Pam M
Posts: 2196
Joined: Nov 2009

News like that'll warm you throughout the season. Celebrate!

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Joined: Apr 2012

Such great news and a wonderful Christmas gift. I hope that your dad continues to recover and will have many more Christmases to spend with his family

Merry Christmas!

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Joined: Jul 2012

for you and your family! Congratulations!!!!!!

fisrpotpe's picture
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Joined: Aug 2010


not he is well on the way to many many many more NED's


luv4lacrosse's picture
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Joined: Jul 2010

If memory serves me right, I don't believe I have seen many recent posts from you?? It always makes me wonder how people are doing that lay low. I am so glad to hear of this news.

This is truly a Christmas blessing.



Tonsil Dad's picture
Tonsil Dad
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Joined: Dec 2011

Another NED, these are the best three letters
in the alphabet. May God bless you with NED forever.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


michdjp's picture
Posts: 214
Joined: Sep 2011

It is true I do not post all that much. I read every post but being that
I have not gone through this firsthand, I have only stood by my dad as
He, like all of you have so bravely fought, I don't know how to give
Advice except that the strength needed is incredible words cannot
Describe what it is like as you all know.
I am, however, So greatful for this site and all the people that are
Here and have offered their help. I have said, the doctors
Are important for us but this family and there advice is just as important
In so many other ways. I am sorry for your recent setback but I know
That is all it will be, a setback...thank you again for your wishes..
All my best

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And his family! Michelle, you've been an awesome supporter for your Dad! Like you, I don't post much these days (and feel guilty about that also). Always remembered the pic you have here though - hard to forget all those smiling faces!



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