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Mom waiting for chemo to start - very sick - is this normal

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My mother was dx last week. We are still waiting final biopsy results, they won't start tx until they recieve it. It has been 10 days since tenative dx. She is sooooo uncomfortable, w/ nausea, and now pain, and seems very weak (maybe the pain meds?). SHe is so bad, I am afraid she is going to die before she even begins chemo. Would the doctors tell me if she was at that point? They seem sympathetic, though not alarmed. Is it normal for her to feel this badly while waiting for results and chemo? I am trying to work, and to save my time off for when she really needs me - but I don't know what is going on.

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My father was waiting for radiation then they decided to give him chemo, all the while he was getting sicker mainly because he went off some of his meds based on his Doctor's recommendation. My advice is to have your mother checked out make sure to make a list of whatever is bothering and make them check on her from time to time. The cancer will effect her body, but make sure their isn't anything else going on that might cause them to cancel the chemo.

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