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Trying to stay positive but I'm back for morale support and prayer

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Hi guys and gals,
Wasn't gonna post until after the 18th. Yeah well after todays pre-op....well I need that shove I had earlier asked for. I'm having the vats procedure/wedge resect. I have 37% lung function according to the spirometer tests they have been doing. Both my lungs are enlarged, but my heart so far is strong. My doctor (primary) said if I wasn't dealing with the beast he would have told me not to have the surgery. He could also feel the nodes and growth in my neck. They will also be doing a ultrasound guided biopsy of that area while I'm under for the lung procedure. I knew this going into the office visit today....but hearing the words, plainly stink ! I am high risk for not making it through....but saying this I still want to plow ahead and continue to fight this crappy disease. Once all the pathology is back I can make the tough decissions on how to continue the fight. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being the type of people I truely hold in the highest admiration ! I know that there are quite a few newbee's on site....please know my walk is not your walk....stay strong and continue to fight. God bless our site here, you have truely made this trip a bit easier to deal with....and please keep the humor intact ! Love sent to all ! Katie

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You are one tough lady. My heart goes out to you. I know what this beast can do and how it affects the person with it and their families. Continue your fight with good thoughts and know that everyone is praying for you.

Wishing you the best -- Sharon

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Tonsil Dad
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Welcome back Kate, God will guide the hands of your
Doctors and he will be with YOU throughout. Seek him first
and he WILL answer you and be with you through this ordeal.
My wife and I will pray for you as we do for all on the board
but we'll send a few extra ones your way. I can't imagine
how you are feeling but just know you have everybody here on this
board in your corner we are all with you.

God Bless
Tonsil dad,


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You're right, this does stink and I'm so sorry. I will be praying for you that all turns out well and that the biopsy is good too. I will pray for the doctors who will be taking care of you and for a speedy recovery.
Please know we are all pulling for you. Update us when you can. Until then, XO

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I personally have missed you Katie. I know we all have actually. I hate hearing what you are going through, but you have a lot of prayer backing you. We all want you to kick this beasts behind. You have always been such an inspiration to me. You are well grounded and real. I hope we will be friends for a long time to come.

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The days before seem tougher than the days after (although the days after will not be any picnic). Rest Up and Return on the 18th, or when you are able. You'll have quite a tale to tell, and everyone on the board will be all ears. Rick.

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I wish you a speedy return.


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Thanks for stopping in. Your strength is an inspiration. Know you are getting plenty of hugs from your family and friends but please know we all send ours as well. Lots of prayers and well wishes coming your way.


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you have been here since I first found this site. You were on the bus with my Hubby and when he was too tired and weak, you were there for us with words of encouragement. Now it's our turn. Take your seat on this bus that is headed for a Cancer Free Destination. I live in Checotah Oklahoma where we like to quote our most famous former resident, Carrie Underwood:

Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands
I can't do this on my own
I'm letting go
give me one more chance
Jesus take the wheel.

Settle in honey and leave the driving to Him. You've got a great driver and a bus full of friends. We love you Katie.


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Always here for you...

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D Lewis
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Slay the beast. Return when you can.


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Hi Katie,

I knew your family full of cancer experts would not be enough to satisfy your needs; sure they know the short cuts for your high speed runs to the doctor, but you come here for some real virtual data and I am always happy to hear from you.

Sounds like a good plan and should give you lots of good information for informed decisions. Christmas is as good a time of year as any (miracles and all). It was last December 23rd I had confirmed cancer, oh well.

Feel free to kick your shoes off and stay awhile, your virtual recliner awaits you.

Nice talking,


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Katie, you always have been a fighter, and you always will be. You are facing some scary times, but I know you will fight your way through to the other side. We are all here for you, and PM me anytime you want.



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For what it means you are SOOO up there on my prayer list (even added you to my church prayer list) ....

as for humor, I undestand but would never want you to think I think light of the matter you are facing ...

with that said ......it's delightful to see a post from you .....you bring out the best in Matt and we all know Matt has that funny way to make us smile. :) :)

I and I know the rest of you onine family are here for you ...but with the problems getting online latey I'm going to start referring to us as "trying to get online family" ... I saw your post but for the life of me could not get on 12/11 ....and I'm at a Seattle hotel with really good Internet speed!!!

Thinking of you always, everyday....I'm keeping an eye out to hear from you on the 19th by high noon....I'll be there as I am sure you will be too.!!!!!


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I was replying to your post last night when I was so rudely kicked off, and couldn't get back in for 16 hours!!

You know we've got your back, Katie...you are the tough cookie I try to emulate...really...you have so much grace and courage. I'm so glad you came in here before the surgery (I know I'd have to get some warm fuzzies from these folks before I got any kind of surgery)...I'd have a very hard time staying very positive on my own hook...I need the seeds of others planted in my head.

Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. We have some mighty powerful prayers that eminate from here...that's a fact.


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Hey Katie, I am very sorry, to say the least, to hear about all of the disease issues that you are having to deal with. I do hope and pray that you will have a positive outcome, and overcome these beastly challenges. It's time to gear up, kick some beast buttocks, and take no prisoners! I send you hugs, and positive energy...........* Hang in there; you can do this!


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Pam M
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We could have told them that.

Hoping you don't have to wait long for path results. Sending wishes for strength and news that gives you hope.

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Your warm words always helped me go thru what we had to go thru. Now YOU need comfort, hope, good news, good outcome, prayers and strength! I'm praying for you to get that!! I missed you here too, so please come back soon! Thinking about you and giving you biiiiig virtual hug!

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I also could not get on this site for 2 days. Want you to know I support you in your fight and of course and hoping and praying for a good outcome. YOu are always so kind to all of us , even though my husband and I are "newbies" and I thank you. I send you the same positive thoughts and encouragement. I wish I was as strong a woman as you are.


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you every day Katie, hang strong, you can do this and win!

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Even though I'm in lurker mode these days - I continue to look for your posts. I'll borrow a phrase from my Bro' here - "You inspire me!". You are a bright spot on a site with many, many lights.

Sending all my positive energy and mojo your way!


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I am going to ask for a very large room....not only for my huge family....but to fit you all in with me ! Thank you all ! I'm set for a 8:00 a.m. surgery, asked if I could be one of their firsts and they accomodated me. I will not make light of the situation...I'm a bit intimidated about recovery, and biopsy results. But DEB....I will let Jesus take the wheel for now until I can be at the front of the bus ! Love sent to you all, and please everyone enjoy the holidays. And God bless each and everyone of you ! And Matt...you will let me drive afterwards right ? LOL ! Katie

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I know the fight is tiring and frustrating but give it your best. My thoughts are with you.


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We got you back sister....

I'll be right there with you as well as everyone else here.


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