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Hair regrowth after chemo

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Hi all. Does anyone have any ideas on how to style your hair while it is growing out. My hair is growing back really curly and its that awkward phase and I'm struggling to make it look presentable.

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I've had naturally curly hair (very curly and very thick) my entire life. It was really tough on me to look in the mirror and see an entirely different person while I was going through chemo. Everyone kept saying, "Your hair may come back in straight" and I wasn't certain how I was going to handle it if it did. The curls all came back! I went and talked to my hairdresser when it became apparent that curls and more curls were on their way. She recommended just using a little hair gel rubbed through with my fingers. She recommended staying away from brushes, combs, and even picks and just using my fingers to style it. Needless to say, I'll still be happier when it is a little longer but everyone else seems to love it short and keeps asking me if I'm going to keep it short.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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There is a great book out there called "Curly Girls" which suggests the gel method above, no combs, brushes, etc. The book also specifically says to use shampoos and conditioners without phosphates. My daughter (a curly girl through and through) swears by the book.

And it seems counter-intuitive, but you might consider a haircut. Just enough to give it some shape. And I had baby-fine tips when my hair grew back, getting rid of those tips also helped me style my hair. (BTW, I've lost my hair 4 times.)

Best wishes, and I hope you find the right tricks for your curls.



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Thats the problem I am having right now with my hair! So glad you posted this, I have been debating on a "trim" since my hair is still so short but thos wisps of hair drive me crazy, too soft! Not that I am complaining about having hair. I think mine has actually quit growing... I finished chemo in April and I still only have like a inch long on my head, half my eyebrows and none under my arms yet. Is this normal Linda? Does yours come in quicker?

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My hair was curly and now it REALLY is! I am letting it grow as it will. Believe it or not I have received many compliments. If I pull the curl out now, it's about 2" long. I just wash it and squish it and put curly mousse on it and go. I imagine I will have to think about doing something different with it as it gets longer, but for now the wash and go approach is very acceptable.

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I am a naturally curly girl too and chemo didn't straighten it at all (wishful thinking).

Here are some curly girl tips from me. First, curly hair tends to be dry, so always use a conditioner when you shampoo and it is better to use one designed for curly hair. Second, and just as important, use a leave-in conditioner as it will really tame your frizz. I like one called Fast Food Leave In Conditioner by AG. It is a light leave in that doesn't leave your hair icky feeling. I purchase it online.

Never, ever blow dry your hair without a diffuser or it will look like frizzy straw. Best to air dry, but, in the winter, I use a diffuser.

I don't own a brush-it really screws up your curls. I use a wide, wide comb to detangle and then just scrunch it.

A great web site (I am all about web sites ;-)) is www.naturallycurly.com. It has product reviews that I find really helpful (where I found Fast Food).

You can PM me if you have any other questions. Curly is something I know!

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