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Hi, I just found this site - It looks great. I had a mammogram 4/24/12 that was clear then found a small lump under my right arm on 6/15, ultrasound results was "it's just an enlarged lymph node" follow up with family doc one month later, she sent me to breast surgeon. He said it could be an infection so tried anti-biotics for two weeks first Then saw me 8/9 and did not think they worked so he did a needle biopsy in his office of the lymph node, called next day to say he saw atypical cells. Bilateral MRI of the breasts was next on 8/15 in the morning with call that afternoon (at work) that he was 95% sure I had cancer and needed core tissue biopsy. This was done on 8/16 and I got the result 100% cancer on 8/17. Saw oncologist 8/20, blood work 8/21, PET scan and echocardiogram 8/24, port placed 8/28 and first chemo 8/29. I had four treatment of the AC cocktail each two weeks apart, lost my hair 12 days after the first one. Had my last of taxol yesterday. I have another PET scan tomorrow and see the surgeon to discuss my mastectomy on Thursday. I have inflammatory breast cancer and my hope for all of this is that it was caught early, the chemo stopped it in its tracks, surgeon can remove all of it and radiation will make sure it is GONE.

I have a wonderful support system all over the country and here at home too. Meals have been brought in when I simply did not feel up to doing anything, my husband and daughters do it all!. Work is going with the flow, I basically have been out of work the week of chemo and worked the week after that. hey have lightened my work load and offer support all the time and they brought me gifts and little pick me ups.

You never know people care till something like this happens.

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Welcome, sorry about the diagnosis but glad you found us. This place is such a life saver. very active group and supportive. I am glad you have finished chemo and it is working against the cancer. hugs

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I would like to welcome you to the club no one wants to join, but since you're here now, you've got a huge group of pink sisters to help you.

I want to wish you good luck tomorrow with your PET scan. Let us know your results when you get them.

Sue :)

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sorry you have been through so much...great you have support from family, friends and work.


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to the greatest site for those battling this disease. They are always here nite and day and specially in the wee hours for those roads you shouldn't have gone down. I hope you scans come back clean and will add you to prayer list, big hug

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I'm IBC too but DXd 3 yrs earlier.

I too had had a mammo in June that showed nothing there. Late July I found a lump under arm one night that had not been there the day before. My PA was out of town so it took a week to get into see her. In that week the node had gotten much larger and the peau d'orange had appeared.... She took one look at it and said you're off to get a new mammo this afternoon. So at 1 I was at Radiology for a new mammo and was told to wait and was called back in for a sono and this time told to wait in the room. Shortly the Radiologist came in and said needed to do biopsies. He said he was sure it would come back IBC but would call me the next day. At 8 he called with the results. He and my PA had expected. That was Fri morning and I saw surgeon on Mon., Rad Dr on Wed, and Chemo Dr on Thurs. Then came all the scans and tests, port implant and started A/C the day after implant.

My TX plan was a bit different though. 2 weeks after my last A/C I had a mod rad mast on Oct 21, 09. 3 weeks post surgery I started 12 weekly Taxols. Rads started 1 week after last Taxol and Femara started a week after starting rads. It apparently worked for me as I'm still NED (No Evidence of Disease) as far as I know.

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Welcome, i haven't been in the group for a long time but I am glad to tell you that everyone is really supportive here. You take care and good luck to all your incoming tests and surgery. My hugs and prayers to you!

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As was already stated, welcome to the group that no one wants to have to join but am I ever grateful that it exists. There are things that I can share on here that I can't share even with those that are closest to me. This is truly a disease that you have to experience to have a full appreciation of what someone else is going through. It definitely turns sympathy into empathy!

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