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Christmas is in the air~~~

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I haven't been posting much lately, family in from Chicago, parties, dinners, shopping and still babysitting my 4 year old..busy, but I read your posts every day and love you all..just no time to answer every post..be kind to each other, and bless you all.. Merry Christmas and the Healthest New Year possible

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Merry Christmas to all as well.....



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And many, many more...


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Merry Christmas to all on the board, may 2013 be cancer free......

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Just know Santa has plenty of "NED" reports in that bag for us all!

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Merry Christmas to all!
I don't know what is wrong with me but I just can't get into it this year at all. I feel like maybe it's because I've learned over this last year that some things in life are just things and there are many more important things. The whole shopping and decorating thing is just not exciting to me this time. Being with family and friends, yes that part is very important and the true meaning of Christmas is important but all the commercial stuff is not. It makes me sad because I have 2 kids ages 17 and 12. My 17 year old is very adult like and never asks for anything at all but my younger one is very excited about Christmas. Guess it's time to get off my butt and make it happen. Maybe it's because I'm broke or so darn exhausted (possibly due to my failing thyroid) or maybe it's because I look around on this site and see so many of our "family" going thru such touch times and I feel guilty. I just don't know. Merry Christmas anyway, I truly mean it when I say it even if I don't feel like celebrating.

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I get the not feeling like all the commercial part of Christmas, but I am so excited you have another Christmas to spend with your kids. As David has told me many times don't let your joy be stolen. Enjoy this time with family and friends. I am blessed I have so much support here, but I want everyone here to enjoy life. You guys worked so hard to get here and darn it love every minute of it. I'm sure you're families are so very happy to have you this Christmas.

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Hey Grandmax4, it's great to hear that you are happily busy doing all of the fun things related to the holiday season, those are wonderful activities indeed. Thank you for the Holiday Wishes, and I wish you, and join you in wishing all of our CSN family a Merry Christmas, and the Healthiest New Year!


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