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Tim6003 Heading to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for lung scan follow-up

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Hello family :) (that's me buttering you all up)

I am off to Seattle for the reasons stated above. Many of you may remember my last CT w/ contrast showed "granulated glass appearance in the upper left and lower left lung as well as 3 (presumably new) nodes in my lower left lung. The largest node was 7mm.

I've gotten some great advice/feedback from many of you (Longterm, Soccerfreaks, Luv4lacrosse) and I'm sure others I just can't think of (being exasperated and tired after trying all day to get on and stay on the board. :)

My onco dr. said he feels strongly is is / was infection. He gave me Levaquinn 500 mg for 7 days (but two of those days I was bowel prepping for colonscopy and hernia surgery - so not sure how much of the last two doeses I got that stuck (sorry for the visual)

I feel great, and remember too I was bent over a chain saw almost all of Sept out in the woods cutting 4 cords of wood as well as hunting anytime I could in October during hunting season at higher altitude than where I live (I live 5500 feet up in paradise-brag-brag-brag)

For reasons I feel are sound I have decided to seek a comprehensive cancer care treatments facility (thank you and shout out to my friend Eric with OCF for help in getting me an appt) for future follow up care. I fly to Seattle tomorrow and come back on the 13th.

So my request is simple. Prayers if you will and of course best wishes for those that don't subscribe to prayer (as you all know I do...WHAT? That's news to me!!! LOL) that my visit will be a total waste of time, energy and money :) (that statement alone makes me a qualified H&N warrior does it not?)

I'm excited to meet Dr. Mendez (great youtube video of him, love at first site and words)...

Don't think I do not appreciate my current team (I especially like my onco doctor at MSTI) he is truly very nice and patient with me....but I think the others I have outgrown (maybe it's me and I fear I sound like a snob or needy patient) ....but you all have always said "if you don't trust your life with your team, time to change" and you have always said "you are your best advocate".

My plan is just to present the scans, findings (they have all scans and records now that they themselves ordered)

So thanks for being there for me.....you all are great...Matt, I'm coming awfully close to you ...be warned I talk as much as I type :) :) Sweet Tea please (now Matt is in hiding).



That last scan was November 8th by the way.

NOTE: There is a saying in the South "too much butter on a biscuit is not good" ......so now that I have laid it on thick....I bid you "later" :)

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I too believe in prayer and I pray you are wasting your time, money and effort. That being said I think you should not feel a single bit bad about getting a second opinion. Having any single doubt is reason enough.
I'm looking forward to hearing that you have good news for us.
Safe travels and I'll take some of that sweet tea if you stop by Matts place.

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Prayers, thoughts and maybe some positive karma (whatever works) going your way. Keep us up to date.

As for changing the guard, I did that when I just didn't feel comfortable at MDA in Houston. You gotta trust your team, they are what is going to save your life.

Joe Cortney
Dallas, TX

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Hi Tim,

Surprise, I’ve been called in to head your diagnostics team and boy are we going to figure out what makes you so chatty (just kidding).

I am just praying this is a waste of time and money, you could have flown into Eugene and I would tell you anything you want to hear.

Being close almost counts, you are on my (visit) radar. Especially now that I can half way eat and drink.

Prayers to find nothing.


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you were uncomfortable with that scan back in Nov...and SCCA is a GREAT place!! I almost went there for my throat cancer, since our daughter lives in Tacoma...and my best friend lived in Redmond...and it's only 500 miles away...I figured it would be ok if I decided to go there rather than stay here. Honestly, I think once they look at it and give you the thumbs up...that all is well, you'll be free of the mental cloud hanging over your head.

LOL...on too much butter...hey we've got dry mouth, there is never too much butter...ha!


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I'm pretty sure my second opinion will also be at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I should point out to the rest of our friends on this board: Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is an association of: University of Washington, Fred Hutch Cancer Research Institute, and Seattle Children's Hospital and HarborView (Seattle's Prime Trauma Center).

I just looked at Dr. Mendez's selected list of publications (on UW website). Impressive.

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Thoughts and prayers your way Tim....

And please, hold the butter, don't want your biscuits slipping out from under you.


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Matt, too funny. I would love to have you in the room everytime I went ...I think you would make a great impression...

Rick, cool on that idea....we can plan our visits at the same time :) Then go crash Matt's party he always seems to be having online..

Thanks to all of you ....means the world to me to know you are all there!



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Pam M
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Hoping that you do come back and say you're glad you went, even though they just echoed the good news the other doc gave - infection only. Hah! I just did a typo - "neds" for "news" - maybe it's a sign - "NEDs". Do well.

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On the wings of a snow white dove, God sends His pure sweet love, a sign from above, on the wings of a dove, Hope all your signs are positive, no negatives allowed...peace

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Yes, you are your own advocate and if this gives you peace of mind, then so be it. I think it's a great idea. You are being very proactive and that's a good thing. I'm sure this is nothing more than an infection or just after effects of the radiation.

You're always in my thoughts and prayers.

P.S....I hope you've wasted your time, money and energy too :)


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flushed every tolit in the house along with saying a prayer to make sure you come home with good news. Your a great man and have a beautiful family and God will get you thru this. You are special to all of us on this board so I can just Imagine how special you are to the people you encounter everday. Your Cyper Friends Doug and Diane

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I also would want a second opinion and am hoping and praying for only good news. You, like everyone on this board, are such a special person. Keep us posted.


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No need to ask for my prayers, Tim, you are always in them!

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Tonsil Dad
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Hi Tim, God said you are just going on a little vacay because
its nothing to worry about. Theres no need to worry. Seek Him
first and ask him and he will tell you. He is with you always
so you will be fine.
Bye the way my wife says Hi and you will be ok.

God Bless
Tonsil dad,


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Thinking of you today - and one thing is for sure, BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! Follow up, get those second opinions and feel good about it. Sending prayers, positive thoughts and good mojo your way. I think they ALL help!


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Tim -- you have been a great source of knowledge and inspiration for many of us. God be with you.


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Tim, prayers, positive mojo and anything else that will yield a good result are on the way from my family to yours. I must say, I typically am a Medical Science follower first, and then prayer, but must admit after all of the prayers that you all have sent me, I really have to wonder Medical Science, prayer or both. My second 6 week CT scan of my chest and neck revealed NED in the neck and the tumors that were very visibly present in my lower right lobe are all but gone 6 weeks later. I am stunned that this happened in just 6 weeks. My first 6 week CT revealed no tumor shrinkage, but a change in appearance, and 6 weeks later, virtually no tumors visible.

I am certian you will get a good result, and smart move on the second opinion. You must feel secure and comfortable with your medical team.



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You know Tim, I'm praying and hoping everything will be ok! I couldn't get to CSN yesterday - all day the site was unavailable.

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