Molecular Profiling of cancer - has anyone had it done?

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In helping my sister with her uterine cancer diagnosis, I have found that her surgeon sent off samples and had a molecular profiling done at the cost of over $12,500. Of course the insurance paid ZERO, so guess who will get the bill!

To top it off, the requesting surgeon recommended the "gold standard" chemo treatment, which was not in the recommended treatment list from the resulting report.

We changed to a top notch local onc and he also said that he did not find this type of testing/reporting to be helpful unless you had tons of money to try off label drugs and those not currently recognized as being effective.

Have any of you had this profiling done? If so, did your insurance pay for it? If so, did your onc find it of use?

From a personal perspective I think we will fight this since my sister did not authorize it. Will see how far that gets us.

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