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Cat Scan Today

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Hi all,

Well my oncologist lost her peer to peer request with my insurance company to continue with a PET scan every quater. This month it's a CAT , which my insurance has approved for me to have every 4 months.It took the tech longer to find a vein, I have small ones that roll, than the entire scan lasted. I guess I looked at the PET as a security blanket, providing more information to see if anything is new. I will get the results of the CAT when I see my onco this coming Wed. After the scan this morning I went to the onco office to have my labs drawn , all those test had good results...but the one onco nurse kinda sorta scoulded me and said I need to come in every 4 weeks to have my port flushed, I asked if I could stretch it to 6 and she gave me a hearty NO!!!, if I can't remember 4 weeks how was I going to remember 6, I know she's right, so I'll set a reminder in my outlook calendar to pop up each month. At the end of this month I will celibrate my one year anniversary of finishing all treatments, it's hard to believe a year has gone by already. A lot has changed in this past year , a lot has returned to what it was pre-C, or maybe as Skiffin calls it a new abi-normal; I go to work everyday , but have learned to deligate more things to my admin and the 2 engineers who work for me, kinda difficult for a type-a personality like me ...I've learned it's a day at a time, that stress is no longer a part of my life. I know how fortunate I was to go thru the treatments without major difficulties, the support I had from my family, friends and yes even employer, I've been blessed and will never take things for granted again. While I don't post here as often as I used to , I still see the familiar names as well and so many new names or the caregivers who have joined this band of warriors who battle the beast that has thrown us all together, to each and every one of you I send you blessings, healing white light, mojo and keep you in my prayers.

Take care all


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I just know your scan will deliver the news you need. I made it 21 months NED until I had my re currance. I am allot like you, very type A and reluctant to delegate. My Psychiatrist I am seeing is pushing me to quit my job and go on SS disability. I am not at all ready for that, and it just leads me to think all I have left is "quality of life" like do you want to spend what you have stressed out at work, or focus on family and no stress. That makes me feel like I have a finite amount of time left, and I am just not ready to fold in the cards.

What type of work do you do?? I work in industrial construction in Business Development and Sales Management. Scaffolding, Concrete Forming and Shoring in the Power, Refining and Petrochemical sector. My job helps to keep my mind off having cancer, and the thought of sitting on my *** collecting a check is demeaning to me. Makes me feel like I surrendered to cancer.

Hope to have some good news to share with you tomorrow.



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I'm the engineering manager for an independent telephone company here in AZ...I don't get out in the field as much as I like to , more so dealing with federal , state and municiple agencies for rights of ways , and any environmental or cultural issues that are involved, plus the federal government on projects where federal funds are used to complete. Like you the job keeps me focused on other things than my health...never ever surrender...kick *** , take names and clear the room, thats how I look at this cancer. Looking forward to reading your good news.

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I think that the CT will give your MD plenty of good information...

At my facility and a PET being around $8,000, compared to a CT at less than $2,000, I was on a similar schedule.

The first year I had a PET upfront, just after the tonsils came out. A CT between the nine weeks of chemo, and the seven weeks of concurrent chemo/rads. That was mainly to confirm the tumor dissolved away from the chemo...

Next PET came around 3-4 months post Tx...

Then it was a CT each three months and an annual PET. After that frist year the CT's spread out to now going into year four, I have a CT at six months and a PET six months after that.

So basically a CT once a year, and a PET once a year.

Anxiously awaiting the all clear on your CT....


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You changed your picture again.

Here’s hoping which ever scan you get it will always be clean.



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Will know tomorrow the results.

As for the pic, I bought myself a toy, 2008 Pontiac Solstice, turbo...yowwwzzeeer

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I had a PET. Lungs lit up. Had a lung biopsy. Found SC cancer in the lungs. What's next? NOTHING! Wait until I have breathing difficulties! Big Deal! I could have waited without the PET, and without the biopsy. Sorry, a little bitter.

But here's the point. Before we get a test, may the question to ask, what will be your (the doctor's) suggestion if the test turned out positive. I asked the question and knew nothing would be done. And had the biopsy anyway. And spent a day in the hospital with a collapsed lung. (Not too bad a deal really.) Well there was a chance that the stuff in the lung could have been a treatable fungus. So the biopsy was worth it I guess.

I am not often on the side of insurance companies. But if doctors will do nothing with the results of a test, is the test worth it?
Sorry to turn your thread in a negative direction. Rick.

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I didn't find your post negative at all, it's what you have experienced and you are entitled to the opinions you have based on those experiences. As for my doctors , I feel very confident that they will do what is best for me based on the tests, that doesn't mean that I don't ask questions, I have a notebook full from last year, that I don't stay vigilant in my care, if I didn't have a good relationship with my ENT, my oncologist and my radiologist, they would have been history a long time ago. As for my insurance company , this is the first time in the past year they have denied a PET or any treatment I had, so maybe my vent wasn't warranted, but as I said previously the PET was my security blanket, not necessarily their policy.


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