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Christmas pics of Lizzy...

allmost60's picture
Posts: 3184
Joined: Jul 2010

Hi guys,
I can't help myself....had to share! Expression page. Love....Sue

vinny59's picture
Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

Love them Sue!!!!! Vinny

jimwins's picture
Posts: 2111
Joined: Aug 2011

You have "Compuslive Grandma Disorder" ;).
I don't think you need a "cure" for that - LOL.

Love the shot with her Dad.

Hope you guys are doing well.


COBRA666's picture
Posts: 2413
Joined: May 2010

Oh my gosh! Too cute for words. Love,love the pics. Joyce

anliperez915's picture
Posts: 772
Joined: Sep 2011

Hi Sue,
Just saw Lizzy's pictures...she is soooo beautiful! Where does the time go...she's growing up so fast. Thank you for sharing Sue, always thinking of you! Take care (((HUGS)))


miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Oh Sue, Thank you for sharing Lizzy's milestones. She looks absolutely beautiful in her red dress. God Bless Lizzy and all your family.


Love love Maggie

Aaron's picture
Posts: 239
Joined: Jun 2012

She is so adorable, she reminds me of kit (my daughter) at that age.

jimwins's picture
Posts: 2111
Joined: Aug 2011

Yeah, Aaron then they grow up and want to borrow the car and go out on dates & stuff.

My nephew in law says when his daughter (my grand niece? - gosh gettin' old) goes out

on her first date, he's gonna have "the talk" with the guy:  "I'll be here cleaning my gun

until you guys get back..."  Joking of course - he's a police officer and really a very nice guy.

Good to hear from you again and hope things are going well.


allmost60's picture
Posts: 3184
Joined: Jul 2010

Thanks guys...she is a total joy! My camera broke and I'm anxious to get it back...everyday she does something funny to take a picture of. Hard to believe she will be 2 in May! Where DID the time go! Love...Sue

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