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Implant removal - in response to Salls41

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Hi everyone,

I was MIA for too many reasons to go into but one was my
implant removal. I just wnated to post my experience since
there was a request by Salls41 and there may be more out
there wondering about it.

One thing you should know about me before I start is, I
always believed in natural ailments and foods, natural look,
natural everything. I barely took an aspirin before cancer.
The chemo was very hard on me mentally so I kept pretending
it was liquid hope.. sounds silly but worked for me.

I was so focused on making a decision on my chemo and surgery
choices that I kinda left the reconstruction decision to my
doctors. And they really never gave me the option to not have
it done. So in they went.

But to be honest I had a lot of discomfort. Mainly tightness
in my chest when breathing, especially running and some medical
issues that made me wonder (auto immune system). I just didn't
like the idea of having these things inside me when every day
we discover how toxic certain materials really are. Also it was
hard to sleep for me, since I sleep on my side and they just got
in the way. I would wake up with a very sore chest. I finally
had thought it through and figured out what I am really comfortable
with and that was to my surprise to have them removed. Will I miss
them? Only the fashionista in me... I like deep sexy cuts but I
decided to compensate with great legs and toned arms.. so hey
what you gonna do? These were the cards I was dealt.


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I have a different dilemma. I only have one breast--and I don't like being lopsided at all. Having said that, even though I cannot have reconstruction (because of the previous radiation and the fact that the skin is now pretty much stuck to my chest wall), I wouldn't do it. To me, it's just not worth the trouble. Maybe some day I'll have the other one removed. I'd be flat, but at least I'd be even.

Just so you know, in case you want to be voluptuous-looking again from time to time, I've found some great shapers with removeable cups that I use. Also Nordstrom's has a mastectomy type cami with removeable cups as well. Not perfect, but what is?!

I know to some women reconstruction is a must and I certainly understand that point of view as well.

Asye, another thing you should know (which I think you already do)--you are certainly NOT your breasts. Knowing you as I do, you are so multi-faceted and wonderful, the outer part is merely decoration!

Love and hugs, Renee

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Ayse, I was not originally a candidate for an implant because my tumor was so large, but my PS put one on my unaffected side to match his reconstruction (which used my part of my abdomen). I was never crazy about the implant because it always felt uncomfortable. A decade later, it was very tight and painful. I then decided to have that breast also removed and had reconstruction again using my own tissue.

I have been very happy with my reconstructions. However, the surgeries were tough and full recovery was 6-8 weeks. But when I healed, I healed.

Wishing you all the best!!! And I bet you have GREAT legs :-).

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She does have GREAT legs!!!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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We all have to do what is right for us when it comes to reconstruction, or not. I applaud you for being strong enough to make such a difficult change. And I hope that you are now content...and work those legs girl!!



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