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Does Blood sugar have any effect on CA 125?

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I have read in a couple places that a low glycemic diet will bring down a CA 125 level. Has anyone heard this or any connection with Diabetes, blood sugar an Ca 125?

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I know many women whose CA-125 has dropped quickly when changing over to a Paleo style diet. This type of diet is not only very low in sugar but also very low in carbohydrates (which turn to sugar in the body). This is also the type of diet that some doctors are using to resolve Type 2 diabetes. Basically, you eat lots of veggies (not starchy ones), some meats, nuts and a small amount of low sugar fruit (like berries). It is good to include healthy fats, like coconut oil and olive oil, in order to prevent extreme weight loss. There are a variety of issues within the body that promote cancer growth. Blood glucose issues are common among women with ovarian cancer.

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Can't prove it, but from my experience a low-glycemic diet definitely affects my CA125 for the better. Hope this helps!


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