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Any ideas? (vaginal adenocarcinoma - mets in lungs)

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Hi all,
If you have any ideas for me, please let me know.
I have been very healthy my whole life (still feel good!), until a year ago when I was diagnosed with Stage 4b vaginal adenocarcinoma. Long story short, radiotherapy was very successful and removed all the cancer from my pelvis. I get acupuncture and do a lot of complimentary medicine (diet, etc).
Nodules were found in my lungs in mid-June. I did 18 weeks of Carbotaxol which did nothing. In any case it's growing. Significant growth since OCTOBER, and I have some pain in my chest now. My oncologist is doing some tests for markers, but it all seems like a total craps shoot because there is no data about vaginal cancer. They can do some radiation to stave off the growth of the bigger nodules but there are too many of them (around 8) for full radiation treatment or surgery.
Any ideas? I hear good things about Dr. Keith Block in Chicago, also Dr. Gonzalez in New York. I'm in San Francisco.
I figure at the rate this thing is growing, I'll be dead in around 6 months. If you have any ideas for me about doctors or things to try I'd really appreciate it!

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I'm so sorry to hear that your cancer continues to grow. Time for the cyber knife now? I wish I had some doctors to refer you to but I don't. Have you sought a second opinion from a thoracic surgeon whom specializes in the lungs? Or is all of your info coming from your gyn onc? When you say they are doing test do you mean that they are testing your tumor against different chemo agents to see which would be the most effective? I pray they find something that works for you. Keep fighting. Many many HUGS to you.

What kind of pain do you have in your chest?

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