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My feel good story

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Over the weekend, my husband & I were out to a nice dinner. I noticed the young couple next to us ordered water and split an entree. I asked the waitress to put their meal on our ticket. When they finished dinner she asked if they wanted anything else and told them they didn't have a bill because we picked it up and said Merry Christmas. They jumped up and thanked us and the young man said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him. I said it was our pleasure and asked him to "pay it forward" by doing something nice for someone else. As I sat there eating, I was thankful I could still go out to eat and grateful that I was able to slow down enough in this fast paced world to do something nice for someone else. I have no doubt they will pay it forward more than once. It's nearly a year now since my diagnosis and it felt so good to make it about someone else again. The young couple might have felt good about it but I felt even better :-) Do something nice for someone today!

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...and I KNOW how good it made you feel...it's so fun doing stuff like that!!


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thanks for posting. makes me feel better to hear your story, and it's an excellent reminder about putting kindness into action.

when my younger brother died suddenly last year out in Oregon...my family received great help and kindness from the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in Portland. One woman (whom we didn't know) in particular went way out of her way to ferry us from/to the airport, sit with my sister-in-law, arrange prayer sessions, and more.
I knew she would brush off our gratitude, but I tried to invite her to a family dinner anyway. a tiny gesture considering her efforts and compassion, but she refused even that. her response was similar to yours (but in mandarin chinese, lol): just pay it forward.
actually I think I kind of insulted her with my invitation...oh well, lesson learned.

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

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That is a beautiful story and also a reminder to me that even though this whole cancer thing is a life altering experience , there are people that are suffering even more then my family is. We all have pain in our lives.

So, thanks for this story. I will do something unexpected for someone in need this season.


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Thanx for sharing this... With little things we can make someone's day! Something to remember. And those little things are those that count.

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I loved your story. This weekend I was trying to figure out all the things left to do to prepare to leave our house for two months for treatment. That's when 2 neighbors showed up at my door with a sheet with contact numbers and a list of what they wanted to help with. One is going to plow our very long driveway and take care if the power goes out (which it always does here in the mountains), the other is taking my lab for the entire time and driving up and down the driveway to make sure it doesn't look like an empty house. I was overwhelmed by their generosity. It shortened my to do list tremendously and kept my finances intact. I found out later that they have both battled cancer and the neighbors rose to their aid. They wanted to repay the favor. It just reminds me that people are what matters; things get in the way. I will look for someone to help today. I loved your story.

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I love hearing stories like yours....

I too like to pay it forward when the opportunity presents itself.

I think that is why a lot of us hang around on this board actually.... A little way to pay it forward to those that are now walking in the same footsteps that I have.

BTW, HWT...ummm, just incase I get hungry , what's your schedule and where might I get a free meal, LOL...

OK, just teasing, I'm sure it was a gesture the young couple will take with them for a long time to come.

Merry Christmas,

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There is still good left in this world. They will pay it forward, and something good because of your kind gesture will pay you back two fold.

Merry Christmas


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And just want all of the "old timers" on this site to know that us newcomers appreciate all the help and encouragement you provide. It definitely is paying it forward and I thank you.


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I really needed to hear your story today. I'll "pay it forward" by posting this note of thanks and thereby bumping your story to the top of the list. I will also look for another way to "pay it forward." Rick.

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I have finally ran out of sick days at work and am taking unpaid leave (which I can't afford). Our church showed up with a check for $2000 today. They had taken a special offering for us. I know even though so much is awful right now for David and I there are some wonderful people out there.

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So many good stories and comments. God bless each and every one of you and your families through the holidays and new year. Vivian, I am happy that your church is there for you in so many ways.

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