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If You Want To Get In The Christmas Spirt, Do Something Nice For Someone Else?

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I know I always feel good when I've done something nice for someone else, no matter what it might be or at what time of the year.

If you're feeling down this holiday, perhaps thinking of someone else and doing something nice for them might make you feel better. I really think it will.

There are so many places to help and so many people to give to. Toys for Tots is great, give something to a child that will have nothing otherwise this holiday. Help at a homeless shelter maybe one day, serve a meal to those that have no one, no home or even food. Take clothes, shoes, gloves, anything to a Battered Women's Shelter or the Salvation Army to help those less fortunate. If you have a Tree Of Hope in your area, buy something and donate to that. Bake some cookies or make some candy for an elderly neighbor that might be alone. Call your church or any church in your area and see if they have someone in the parish or know of someone that you could help out at Christmas. Sometimes they know of single parents whose children would love a new toy or a pair of gloves or something. Your animal shelter might need a donation of food or something. If you're in treatment, take bottled water, a new puzzle, some candy or snacks to your cancer center. Ask if there is anyone there that might need a ride one day for treatment, or, a scarf, or, anything.

There are so many ways to give to others and in return..you get a good feeling in your heart knowing you've helped someone in their time of need.


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I agree with the idea of getting out and doing something for someone else. True, not everyone here is as well, physically, as others; but even those who are somewhat limited in what they can do could be an encouragement to others through writing notes and cards.

Last night I was thinking of a young man I know -- was one of my students years ago -- who had an accident months ago, affecting one of his eyes. He lost the sight in that eye, as a result. He recently had a cornea transplant and will eventually have a lens implanted, but he has been off work for months and he and his family (wife and two small children) are struggling financially. I have decided that what I ought to do is send a Christmas card and include some money -- not a lot, but some that could be used towards bills OR towards making it a little better of a Christmas for all than it looks to be. I don't know. I am one who believes that God puts specific people on our minds for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is just to pray for them; other times it is to do something that may encourge them.

I just think that we all can think of ways to do things that can help us get into the Christmas spirit as we give to others in any one of a number of ways. Doing something for others is good for our mental health, regardless of whether or not it is Christmas.

Pink Rose
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I agree totally with you Leeza. Doing something for others that have less this time of year will always make you feel good.

I make fudge and Christmas cookies and take to our neighbors. The looks on their faces are always such a reward.

Thanks for this post as a reminder to all of us.

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My hubby and I always donate to Toys For Tots. We really have fun buying gifts for the children and wrapping them all up. It really breaks my heart to know that some children might not even get one gift at Christmas if it weren't for programs like this. I hope many of you support and help them too.

Hugs, Jan

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I think everyone is capable of doing something, even something little, like just sending a written note or card to someone else that they know are going through some rough times, like desertgirl wrote about.

Christmas is perhaps the one time of the year to give to others and to make someone else have a big smile on their face, don't you think?

Hugs, Angie

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We took our gifts in today for the children and wrapped them there at the library where they were collecting them. Feels good knowing some little kids will have presents under their tree this year.


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