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Port Removal without Anesthesia

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I'm 6 months post chemo and with a clear colonoscopy and CAT scan, I can get my port out. I hate the bloody thing, but my surgeon says that she uses no anesthesia. In fact she implied I was a bit of a baby for being nervous about it. She says no local is needed either since she cuts along the scar tissue and there "isn't too much feeling" there. The procedure is so short it't "not worth" any anesthesia at all.

The idea of being cut open while awake is bad enough, but that she can cut me open with not even a local is freaking me out. I'm considering backing out of having the thing removed.

From what I've read, most folks are given the option of a general and I've seen nothing on surgery without local.

Has anyone had their port removed without even a local? Thanks.

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They wanted to add IV sedation, but my veins couldn't tolerate the IV, so it was just local, and I was fine.

If she wants to use nothing, ask if you can premedicate the area with Emla cream. I know that it is also used for minor surgery. Gob the cream on an hour or so before port removal - should be fine. Yes, it penetrates.

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My first port became infected and had to be removed. The surgeon used a local, but that doesn't work so well on infected tissue. It was one of the most intense pains I've ever endured in my life and if someone told me they were going to do it without anesthesia, I'd tell them to let me ct on their chest first. I'd flat out tell her, no local, no removal and get another surgeon. She sounds like a sadist especially if she's making you feel like a baby for wanting it.

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No local, that is ridiculous. Mine was done with a local and it was tolerable and no pain (only little pressure), but I'd never do it without something. It would be like drilling a tooth with no local. The tissue has already started to grow around the port too. Get another doctor if they don't listen to your concerns. Congratulations on the good scan and scope.


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This is pretty much the damndest thing I think I've heard. How about a couple shots of whiskey and bite on a bullet?

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Find a new surgeon...


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Oh H@LL NO!!!!
Winter Marie

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I've never heard that a surgeon wouldn't want to use an anesthesia. I still have my port and probably won't have mine removed for several more months. I will get my second blood work done January 17th to see if I am still clear. I may wait until after the third set of blood tests. Anyway...I don't think I would accept not having something to at least numb it. I'm pretty sure I would be able to feel it (scar line or not). Hope my surgeon doesn't tell me she doesn't use some kind of anesthesia!

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Find a Hospital administrator and ask them if they would have the procedure without meds.

Mine took about 15 min to remove and sew me back up. i was back on,y feet within an hour and my wife drove me home.

Best Always, mike

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DO NOT have that thing removed without a local. That's the most outrageous thing I ever heard. Just say NO. The thought of this makes me weak. Why would a surgeon do this to another human being? Warped??


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Mine was removed under a twilight sleep.

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Thank you all for your advice, suggestions and support. My colonoscopy and CAT scan were both negative (woo hoo!) and I will have my port out WITH Ativan and a lot of local. Ya just gotta find a doc who listens.

Thanks again

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Glad you listened to people that have had both ways but none without local. Hope everything goes smoothly for you which I'm sure it will. I had local and it was fine, but I HAD LOCAL and not nothing like your other doctor suggested. Aren't you glad you asked :)


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Thank you.

I'm VERY glad I asked.


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Cold spray , local & port out

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Great news, I just couldn't imagine doing that without anesthesia. Glad you stood up for yourself.

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I had mine out in Sept after 12 rounds of Oxi and 5fu. It was put in via hispital as same day surg and that is the way I told the surgeon it was coming out. They said they do it in office. NO WAY. My insurance paid for it and i am glad i did it that way. 2 of my anes nurses said I was 100% correct as they fell for it and had it done in office and regretted it tremendously. STICK TO YOUR GUNS!!!

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I'm late to this discussion but my first thought was is she on drugs? You definitely need to be. No way in heck I'd be doing that without anesthesia.

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