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Day 10th

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Day 10 th post first chemo and my body is different...I feel so wired and very hyper full of energy...I cannot stop doing anything...I woke up early, did my decorations, nside and outside the house, I even put Xmas lights at a big tree outside our house....I even cleaned the whole house and the garage, then I cooked !...I am so ready to go to sleep but even my Ambien is not working, I am still up! Does this usually happen?

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Talk about a burst of energy. You don't have much left to do do you? I don't know if that usually happens because I will have my first chemo tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what other people say about it. Maybe you could come and help me :) Thinking of you. Keep us posted.


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Are you taking Decadron? or another steriod? Many of us have had that hyper-can't-stop feeling with steriods/decadron. I hope you get some rest soon.



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I agree with Linda. If you are on a chemo where they give you steroids before your infusion you will feel like you have energy (some people) but you will probably get tired in the next few days when the steroid wears off. I hope you get some rest soon!


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