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Just diagnosed with 4 mm lung nodule and docs have me scared!

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Hi I am new to this and have a few questions for u .first off I have very high anxiety so all these doctors are starting to really get to my nerves. I was having some gastro problems which no one can tell me why but in the process of my abdominal CT scan they found small 4 mm nodule on my left lung. So basically after that they did a chest X-ray and first report says everything looked good no nodules seen, guessing because of size but also diagnosed with pneumoni for a previous doc. Have no signs of that but I took the diagnoses. As my anxiety grew I went back hoping they would do a CT of the lungs which they would not but re X-rayed me and this is the report 1 day after first X-ray it states. Possible increased interstitial opacity in the left retrocardiac region may represent an area of developing consolidation though there is no lobar consolidation at this time. Correlate with clinical exam. Now I did have a chest cold a real bad one about a month ago and they told me just follow up with a lung doc but I have went for having the nodule to pnuemonia to nothing back to pneumonia within 4 days as for someone with the anxiety I already feel my head feels like its gonna blow off the top of my neck. I am terrified I a a 34 year old female and I did smoke for 10 years but now have been using elec cig for almost 1 year any advice or reading as to what this X-ray means would hopefully ease my anxiety. Thank you all I just need some advice for people who can understand my worries.

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Hi Mellicat, I can understand your anxiety and want to assure you that your docs are following standard procedures. Often colds and pneumonia will cause inflammation of the nodule which causes it to become slightly enlarged. 4 mm is very small and it is best if they track it for a while. Odds are that it will shrink. Most do.

At that size it is too small to biopsy and would likely yield a false result. Have you sat down with a doctor yet to get his interpretation? Did you follow up with a pulmanologist?

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