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Any pain after peg tube removal???

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Hi to all,
I am just wondering if anyone who had the peg tube removed experienced pain at the site after eating.
My dad had his Mickey button removed on Tuesday (hooray) but after he eats he has pain where the
Hole was for about an hour. Is this normal?
By the way, to celebrate the removal of his button (as we called it), my two brothers and my sister suprised
My parents with a mini dauschand (ten weeks old) and guess what they named him......BUTTONS!!!!!!!!! Lol
Hope alls well.

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I'm glad to hear that your Dad got his PEG removed, that is a big step towards normal :-) I had what is called a g-tube instead of a PEG so I can't help answer your question. If the irritation continues, your Dad will want to ask his doctor. What a fun surprise "Buttons" had to be for your parents. I'm sure Buttons will bring lots of smiles to your house.

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