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Kids and treatment

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Hi all,

My husband starts chemo and rad tx on the 18th. We are moving to Boston for two months and plan to bring our kids. Our son wants to stay the entire time....he is very anxious to begin with and we are a very tight family....homebodies. Our daughter who is 9 is torn.....wants to be with us but wants to keep her routine at home. My inlaws have offered to move into our house and take care of the kids. Does anyone have any advice? My son is 11. I am concerned about them seeing their dad so tired and uncomfortable and I think they will be bored. Any advice or opinions appreciated.

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since I don't have any little kids. Because the first three weeks of rads can be somewhat uneventful, your son may very well change his mind about staying. He'll see that his dad isn't going to wither away and never come home. Hopefully, your hubby won't have a big reaction to the chemo...the first few days he might be tired and nauseated, but your kids will see him get progressively better...

For the time being, maybe just ride this horse one day at a time...


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