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Funny Story: Why I'm a Vegetarian.

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My first marriage ended in divorce in the 1980's. (My Ex and I continued to share responsibilities for raising our children; now all grown.) I didn't have many dates. BUT it turned out that every woman who went out with me was a vegetarian! Since I was not a vegetarian at the time, any possible relationship never got off the ground.

Now I know what you all are thinking: This handful of women were not all vegetarians. They just said that to quickly and completely break off any hopes of a relationship. And it worked.

Then I met Arlene (my caregiver and spouse for over 20 years). After we dated a couple of times, I told her the above story. To this she said: "You know, I always thought I should be a vegetarian." So there you have it. God was sending only vegetarians and vegetarian-want-a-bees into my life. I had absolutely no choice. What can you do when God stacks the cards? So I'm a vegetarian.

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Great Story... I needed to smile tonight!

Thank you,


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I wonder if we aren't a bit alike, too....I dated a biker and ended up with a tatoo..


PS...I also dated a salesman, but refused to wear polyester...ha!

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Pam M
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Good that you got with the program - it took a while for you to catch on, so that you'd end up with the RIGHT future veg-head.

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Great story, great ending, great way to send me to bed (smiling)

From the Willamette Valley, good night.


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Well, my little Why I'm A Vegetarian story does have a link to my cancer journey. I plan to fight cancer with a ultra-healthy diet. I want to go into some detail, in hopes to get some support for this difficult undertaking.

However, I must clearly state that although we can agree that a healthy diet is critical in the battle, we may each have our own ideas about what that healthy diet may entail. I am getting some ideas from "Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients" by Russle Blaylock MD. It is not a vegetarian book. It is a common sense approach (sort of) (a little weird). It preaches a balanced nutrition with a lot of veggies.

The book is so complex, that any patient can pick and choose what to follow. I think it would be impossible to follow it all.

What I hope I will be able to do is place raw veggies (cabbage, celery, onions, carrots) in a blender. Dr. Blaylock advises a blender to fracture the cell walls of plants and release nutrients. He also says cooking is not at good; too many nutrients lost.

Dr. Blaylock also advises cooking in distilled water. According to the book, the fluoride in tap water binds with veggies and can promote tumor growth. I have not had the time to dig into this assertion; but switching to distilled water is an easy (and safe) thing to do; although I admit it may make little or no difference.

Perhaps, I should not have mentioned fluoride. At best, the evidence is mixed and controversial. Perhaps, switching to distilled water is just some magical thinking. But we all need some magic. And when conventional medicine provides no hope, what else is there.

Personally: I am looking into "safe" alternative strategies to use alongside the conventional cancer treatments. Putting veggies into a blender and using distilled water may be a little weird, but I don't think they are significantly hazardous.

The book also advises that if you cook the veggies in distilled water, you should drink the water.

Okay! Now you see I've gone off the deep end. That's what happens when the oncologist says that I have an incurable tumor. I have gone crazy to keep a part of my sanity. Crazy Rick.

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I don't think you are crazy. I work out with a trainer who happens to be a friend of mine. Her BS is in nutrition & I have asked her everything under the sun about nutrition & cancer. I am not vegetarian, although I don't see anything wrong with it. I do only eat small amounts of meat, but don't think I could give it up completely. I eat lots of fruits & veggies and have started to cut some gluten out of my diet. I have also looked into drops to make several glasses of drinking water a day alkaline. Whenever I ask her about these things her advice is usually the same, it may have absolutely no effect, but it can't hurt at all to try, so why not? I hope that your blended veggies & distilled water help to make you feel healthier & fight your cancer!

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