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Baked potato

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Since my posts have become quite depressing as of late I wanted to share a bit of good (or at least comical) news. Today David ate a baked potato in the hospital. I had a long talk with him last night as his PICC line continued to bleed and let him know if he wanted to continue to fight the beast that I was behind him, but that I needed him to really fight from every front. As everyone knows he has a PEG tube and hasn't eaten by mouth since September 18. I told him he needed to put food into his body and build himself up so this morning we requested soft foods to start in addition to the contiuous feed. So this afternoon they brought him a baked potato. He was able to eat it without aspirating or gagging. He was thrilled with that. Then about 30 minutes later he threw it back up. He didn't seem to care because he was tickled he got it down in the first place. He only had 3 weeks of radiation so other than really thick saliva and a bout of thrush, he should be able to tolerate eating by mouth. I know this sounds like a small thing, but it still is nice to know that he was able to do something he hasn't been able to do in months. Also was good that the chemo hasn't seemed to make everything taste bad either.
P.S. and update on David: He bled from his PICC line throughout the night. He recieved two transfusions of platelets. They wanted to remove the PICC, but after I reminded them that he bled for a week following his first PICC line and they knew they would have to replace it if they take it out, the doctor decided to try to salvage the PICC he has. So hopefully they will get the bleeding stopped. We have decided to try to get the doctor to let David come home for the holidays (or as close to them as we can get). Then after his next cycle of chemo he will go to long term care. David wants me to be able to go back to work in January and he is wanting to have the ability to rehab where professional staff will be there to support him. I admire him more than I can say. He is still pushing for the miracle. He is thinking in terms of hurdles right now. Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement I have needed them. This is the place I come when I feel so isolated from the world. I know my CSN family gets where I am coming from and it helps me not feel so alone.

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Great attitude, both of you!


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Eating that spud is HUGE!! I'm delighted! Soups too...lots of nutrition can be packed into soup...goes down easy, actually has some taste....and warms a person to the bones. Since he is happy just getting it down, I'd say try try again. His stomach isn't used to real food and that might be why he lost it...

I'm sending prayers that you two can go home for the holidays...a little reprieve from the medical scene. He's a smart man, Vivian...and being where they can help him in rehab everyday is a good decision, I think.


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It's a small victory and battle won....

Each small victory adds up in the war on cancer.

He might have thrown it back up, but I'm sure his body got a lot of nutrients from what he did take in, along with exercising the throat muscles...and most importantly, a mental victory.

Awesome, awesome news....


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Great Success! We're all proud of David; it's no small thing.

Some Advice: I have a very restricted esophagus and I found I had to greatly modify my eating habits. I eat very small amounts throughout the day. And it takes forever to eat anything (because I need to chew it so very thoroughly). So a veggie patty and a very small helping of green beans will take a full 60 minutes to get down. I will eat again in just a couple of hours. Even when I awaken at 3 AM to go to the restroom (old prostrate?) I have a little snack.

More Advice: If David used butter/margarine/sour cream etc, his stomach may not have been ready for the change. ASK ABOUT ZANTAC, or even a stronger acid suppressor following the next meal. And maybe moderate the amount of butter? (I know moderation is hard and I might not be able to do it. I'd take Zantac.)

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Always a chance the next potato will stay down. :) I'm with Phrannie that his stomach isn't use to the solid food...but it's definitely a start. So glad to hear this accomplishment. We just got our first glass of ginger ale (with no fizz) down yesterday!!! So we were pretty excited. First time in about two months that he actually got something down his throat....baby steps..

Keep up the positive attitude that I feel from your words here. You can do this with David. Fight with him. Keep showing him that he can do this...

Prayers are still with you and David. Faith....all the way....


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Pam M
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No way - most of us know the excitement and sense of accomplishment gained from eating. Very glad he was able to get the potato down. Hoping the next food he eats will stay down. I recall (after my biopsies and tonsillectomy) having a few "meals" of crushed cereal mixed into chicken broth - nobody's idea of something they'd want to eat, but I was able to get and keep it down.

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Spus's to David. Keep the faith and keep trying. Prayers and thoughts of u both much of the day as our journey is just starting.

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Be sure and tell David I live in the Potato State (Idaho) ...and if you want a potato anytime, just tell me and I will send you plenty if he is going to be a trooper and eat them!!! :)



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