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Vent: Ughh, is there NO escape, TV and BC

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So I try to enjoy what I can and escape my own deal with this crap and watch some entertaining TV.

Well it started with the entire month of October, seeing NOTHING but Breast Cancer stuff ALL over tv, for BC Month, ok, it was annoying, and especially because I was just getting into the whole thing on a personal level, so I endured.

Then, one of my favorite shows I have been watching a few years, Parenthood, started a breast cancer story line Ughh JUST what I need to see it up close and persoal on a fictional show, that is supposed to be entertaining.

NOW, I just started watching season 3 of Downtown Abbey (anyone else watch this amazing show?), It finished up season 3 in the UK, starts in the US next month, but its available now, if you know where to look. SOooooooooooo.. I watch the first episode, takes place in now the year 1920. Great episode, ties up some old story lines from the previous season. Today I watched episode 2, and OMG , REALLY? A BREAST CANCER story line? Really? I mean I know it was around in 1920, but do they really HAVE to add this, to what was a great story before? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Im sorry, but I try to watch TV to be entertained , NOT reminded...

UGHHH sorry for the vent, just had to get that off my chest...

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We're HUGE Downton Abbey fans in our house, too, and yes...we've also...ummm...ahem..."acquired" the current UK season. :-)

If it makes you feel any better...we've watched all of season 3, and the breast cancer storyline is only part of two episodes, and then it's never mentioned again. We're told that the character's breast cancer scare was only a false alarm, and that's the end of it. The way the actress plays it, we're not sure she's telling the truth about that, but it's not brought up at all for the rest of the season.


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Oh whew thank you, at least i don't have to fast forward past stuff

Such a great show, I'm so addicted :-)

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I have not watched it but I know what you mean. I think once diagnosed its just so much on your mind that you notice it more than before. My daughter said that when she was pregnant it seemed like everytime she turned around she saw a pregnant woman.

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I have never heard of those shows except on 'here'. I've done a 'Title Search' on our cable box several times and can never find them.

IF we could get them I probably would not watch anyway as I don't sit and just stare at TV unless it's something that's iinteresting to me - history or science (or current events). There are a few shows that Hubby watches at night but when he does, I always doing something else - sewing/tatting/fly tying/reading/online/etc. - to keep myself occupied during them. Just how I feel about TV - I know there are many who would be lost without it but not me.

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Parenthood is a network prime time show on NBC, currently in its 4th season not sure where you live or what cable service you have but it should be easy to find..

Downton Abbey is an award winning PBS show, currently on hiatus in the us.

Tho i guess from your post, even if you found them out would not make a difference if you are not a tv watcher

Im not even really understanding why you posted to this , but such is life.

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I think Susan was just saying she hadn't heard of these shows. And then she mentioned that she is not a huge tv watcher. I think it is okay for anyone to post to a thread. I personally like learning new things about each other. I now know that Susan prefers to tat/sew/read instead of TV watching but she likes to be with hubby so I am sure many of these things she does while he watces. I myself like TV and other things as well but don't watch either of these showw so you may wondered why I would be posting.
I can understand anyone being uncomfortable with a show that brings home something unpleasant and particularly when it is so new. But then I think where would that end. I have had bladder, uteriine, skin and breast cancer within the last 10 12 years. My husband has had a heart attacck, stroke, a broken hip, and a C diff infection (that left him in the hospital and care center for 8 weeks) akk within 18 months. I think we have to realize that they are reflecting life experiences and even though the show is not a big drama, that drama enters all lives even the best and funniest. I Hope that these shows help edicate people about breast cancer and if they send one person to get a mommogram and a cancer is caught then they have done a good thing. For some people following a character on a show that is going through what they are might be helpful and uplifting. I am so sorry that one of your favorote shows is dealing with a topic that is so difficult for you. Maybe you can find a different show for the time being and return to it when this showline resolves.
I know you have had a very rough time with your diagnosis and that you have had a lot of anxiety with your treatments. I will keep you in my prayers and kindest thoughts that things become easier to manage and that you complete your treatments with the least amount of side effects and trauma. Cancer is such a beast and we all react so differently to every aspect. Best hopes and thoughts for you Diane.

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Why shouldn't I have asked/posted a simple question about the subject of the thread? I have seen these TV shows posted about 'here' several times and could not find info out about them. Using our cable box to search whendaily I find quite a bit of info on shows. (I live in western SD.)

I mentioed that I only watch what I find informative and I enjoy learning from for the most part. There are times - like now - when I hear a lot about something 'different' , I like to find it and see if it's what I might enjoy. Likelyhood is I wouldn't bother after once but I'd rather check it out for myself. If you or anyone else is really in to TV - that's great FOR 'YOU' but not for everyone - me included - "different strokes for different folks". I'd be really surprised if you are 'into' tatting, leather tooling and fly tying.

Hubby is more into TV sit coms/unreality than I am and likes to watch some of them so when that happens I just tune it out and concentrate on what I like doing as he does if I want to watch something he doesn't really wnt to.

Thankfully we are each unique - I would hate for everyone to be a clone of me or for me to be a clone of someone else. BE YOURSELF!

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I can handle the shows having cancer story lines because I can choose not to watch them if I so desire but in between shows there are soooooo many commercials for cancer treatment centers that I just want to scream! Hopefully someone, somewhere (besides the treatment centers) is benefiting from those commercials since we have to see them so often?

I do feel a need to mention that the starring role in the show Parenthood was originally cast to a female star who unfortunately was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to be replaced so she could start her treatments. I don't watch the show but I thought it appropriate when I heard they were doing a story line about breast cancer.

I hope you have managed to find some more entertaining TV in the meantime.


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Double Whammy
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at different phases of our journeys. Our reactions to situations do change. Initially I was really ornery about all the breast cancer hype when I was first diagnosed with breast and endometrial cancers. What about other women's cancers? And other cancers in general? Seemed if you weren't pink, nothing was mentioned. And pink was everywhere. I've sort of gotten over that and am not as bothered.

It's now been 2 years since I finished treatments and I am doing well. This makes a difference in my perspective, I'm sure.

Parenthood also deals with Asperger's syndrome, post traumatic stress syndrome, alcoholism, heart disease, and probably other medical things I can't remember. Things that effect many families - and breast cancer effects so many families.

I understand your frustration with all the breast cancer stories. Come here and vent - we do understand and we all handle things differently and individually and perspectives do change throughout this journey.


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1 commercial is "gettin' on my 1 nerve" right now.

It's for "5 Hour Energy". There is some real cute blonde in all pink on it with her guitar singing the praises of 5 Hr Pink Lemonade that a part of the procedes are supposedly going to something to do with 'breast cancer'. The first time I saw this commercial was in late Oct so thought it would only hawk during then but I'm seeing it more and more often now.

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