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Easy Question

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Hey everyone thanks in advance for a reply.

I woke up Thurs AM at 3 with TERRIBLE right testicular pain. Wen tot ER at 7AM, had ultrasound. Ultrasound revealed RIGHT torsion, AND they found a mass in side my left testicle. They did emergency surgery to correct torsion, and orchiotomy on left testicle.

I am home from hospital (in great pain). Meeting with Urologist Monday to review pathology report.

QUESTION: Once I receive pathology report, what is process for getting into an oncologist? Is this process quick? Does it take weeks to get in, months to get in? Just wondering about timing on HOW quickly I can get started ensuring any cancer is OUT OF MY SYSTEM. (I did have CT in hospital and no cancer cells reported in abdomen).

Thanks for any insight.

-In pain, nervous yet excited to kick some ***

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Mine was very quick, I called my Dr one monday morning and told them what I was experiencing and they told me to go to the hospital for tests, I went in at 8:30am Monday and by 1:30 pm I was diagnosed with cancer.  They scheduled my Orchieotomy for the very next day, I went in at 10am and was home at 5pm, that surgery wasn't to bad at all really.  But I had to have the RPLND surgery also, that one was scheduled for as soon as I recovered from the other surgery (6 weeks later).  I am still at home now recovering from that one, the RPLND surgery was a tough one, I had some complications during recovery, for me it all happened so fast it kinda made me dizzy.  But i am with you, take it on head on and whoop cancers butt, get it out and get it out now!  That exactly what I did and my 2nd pathology report came back good, I am offically cancer free now and wish the same for you! GOOD LUCK!

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gratz brian, i had right i/o and now im facing chemo or rplnd or both, i hope only chemo but i will do whatever to beat this terrible thing

and to the original poster hang in there buddy, it takes patience and a lot of faith because the worst thing is waiting on results, have faith!! tc is very curable (98%) so we will ge thru this!!

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