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my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. her liver ultrasound showed a nodule that increased in size from 0.5 to 0.9 cm. but her lungs and bones are all clear. do you think the cancer spread to her liver? what procedures worked best for you?

please help. i don't want to lose my mom.

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I can not address your question, I just want to tell you I am sorry you are having to go through this. My Mom had lung cancer that metastasized to her brain. I know how hard it is to feel so helpless for you Mom. (((Hugs)))

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Do you have your Mom's permission to talk with her doc? There is no way for us to say if cancer is in her liver or not...I wish I could. Not knowing for sure, and waiting is the most difficult part of this whole thing.

To give you another possibility, there is an area on my liver that was possibly cancer....turned out it was 'fatty liver'. Nothing to worry about, but we continue to watch it.

I hope this helps you.



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my mom decided to do alternative medication. She doesnt like to do chemo because she says its poison. it not just kills the bad cells but it also kills the good cells. she eats really healthy food. no meat, sugar and dairy products. a pressure point therapist said that her immune system is strong and her body is fighting. do you think this will work despite the pain and the wet wound she has?

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I am reminded of the time I had tell my son I was ill and remember thinking of how scared he must be for I was the only constant in his life. That was more than 16 years ago and we are very blessed to have survived so much not just cancer.
Your mother is so lucky to have a child that cares enough to search for answers on their own and you might find some of them here, hopefully a little support as well for allot of us I am sure, are mother's too.
Learning to do things inspite of our fears is quite freeing though not easy in the least.
Take good care of each other

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thank you guys :). 


my mom decided to do alternative medication. she eats healthy food, no meat, sugar and dairy products. A pressure point therapist says that her immune system is strong and is fighting. She often feels pain. the cyst is not getting any smaller and she has a wound on her brest that is always wet and bleeding. what can we do? will she still get better? can she still be cured? are these good signs or really bad signs? :(


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NO advice..just wanted to say thinking of you..



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No, these are not good signs. Myself, I'd consider them to be bad signs.

Look, Janel, nobody WANTS to do chemo. Yes, it does seem to be a type of poison and yes it does kill bad and good cells indiscriminately. To expect a cure with alternative medicine is unrealistic and not very likely to happen as evidenced by the still growing tumor and pain. I'm no doctor but yes, I do think the cancer has spread to her liver.

You don't mention if your mom has had any surgery or has she declined surgery as well? It's great that your mom has taken her diet under control but it will take far more than diet to get rid of cancer.  Having an unhealed/wet wound is an open invitation for infections to set in, which won't be good for your mom's compromised immune system.

Your mom's doctors have not blindly suggested she do chemo on some whacked out whim, they have done so because they are trying to save her life with tried and tested true treatments that they know work. They know there are significant problems with some people having more side effects than others. They also know that very rarely, if ever, do alternative treatments provide for a cure. 

Perhaps you might want to suggest that your mom give chemo a try and it proves to be too much for her, then by all means quit. Or maybe her not wanting to do the chemo is her way of telling you she has come to terms with her fate.

I'm sorry you and your mom have to deal with this. You are a good daughter and she is lucky to have you.


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I am very sorry about your mom. I don't have this experience but there are a few ladies here that can help you. I'm sending prayers to your mom and you. Don't lose faith.



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