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questions about the radiation

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How long does each radiation treatment last? Does the direction of the beam depend upon exactly where the tumor is? Is it aimed front to back or back to front? Is it directly up the caboose?

Also... after, say, 10 or 15 treatments (with the concurrent chemo) is it generally possible to get around and manage on your own?

Thanks in advance.

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I can only speak about my experiences of course, but here goes. The radiation treatments only last a very few minutes after the "set up" appt where they measure and mark everything. I was on my back and the radiation was aimed at my pelvic area, revolving around me. I had a difficult time after the third week of treatments. It will be better if you have someone drive you back and forth if you can. Fatigue and nausea, lack of appetite were the major problems at first. After four weeks I slept a lot . BUT... I had that option as I was not working and my kiddos are grown. I'm not sure I could have worked if I had needed to. I could care for myself at home.. Didn't need help to the bathroom, but was glad to have my spouse there ... Just in case....when. I showered. Good luck, Lorie

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Thanks Lorikat,
Yes, this was the kind of info that I was looking for, keeping in mind that everyone responds a little differently (although the differences seem to be more to do with the chemo than with the radiation as far as I can tell). I'm going to be walking to and from the treatments, normally a short 15 minute walk but, I'm sure, quite challenging after a few weeks of radiation, then up five flights to my apartment. I have people lined up to walk my dog when I can't make it and my sister will come from another state when I ask her to. She can't reasonably stay here for six weeks (she would if I asked her to but I wouldn't) so I'll have to play it by ear with regard to when to ask her to come. Fortunately, I don't work anymore so that's not a factor weighing on my mind. Thanks for your input...

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