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New Historic Low for My CA19-9 Test

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The reference marker is good for anything under <55

But, this is the very best number I've been able to achieve in just over 8.6 years of fighting.

In my early days, I was in the high 600's....over the past year or so, I've still trended between 174-260.

So, as I was reviewing my new CEA level...2.8 and trending a tenth of a point up or down, I saw that my CA19-9 had come back.

Many of you are probably not being tested for this...the test itself is used as another marker stain for rectal cancer...I ended up doing it, because at the time, it appeared that cancer had gone to my pancreas....and CA19-9 is the marker for that.

So, 74 and 2.8 are sounding pretty good....

It appears I'm still kicking cancer a$$...and I'm doing it the "natural" way.

It's completely organic...it doesn't cost any $$$... and it doesn't even take a trip out of the country to have it.

I'm taking absolutely nothing...not scared or even worried about that...it is what it is...and it will be what it will be...I'm still pretty convinced about that.

Otherwise, why am I where I am?

Just more proof for me that sometimes doing nothing - can be something.

I think my case continues to dispell the myths of what fights cancer...at least on my part.

I get up every morning...and whatever my body has that morning, I have...if I don't have it, I do just fine without it.

Sometimes, nature just provides you with what you need. It takes a little help to get us there....surgery provides a big leap towards that goal. And adjuvant treatments play their role as well.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Pete...it was his zealous approach to the cure, that dissuaded me from the then supplemental approach...I became "Alternative to the Alternative."

I became determined to show that there is another way...that just holding was a strategy for me to consider.

And I've been kickin' *** and setting new records every day without supplementing or any of that type of approach. And I'm going the longest time in a remissive state than ever.

Whereas the supplemental approach and all of that, netted me two recurrences.

Of course, I've got a theory about this now...and we're going to talk about it in 2013.

So, my message is there are many ways to reach a remissive state...so far my case goes against what the journals are telling us...that's really all I'm pointing out...it does make you think though...it is interesting...and it is true.

As we look towards one another...I feel all our examples tell a part of the story.


8.6 years = 102 months and counting...

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Missing your pic here, bro!



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