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My surgery was 3years ago today.

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Still holding my breath.


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Yay! Happy for you, hoping for another 3 or 4, or 20 :-)

Btw LOVE your dogs

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Sooo great!! Good for you! My mom celebrates today as a 25 year survivor. She came to my appt today and listened in on my consult with my surgeon regarding my future mastectomy(s). Now she holds my hand.

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Looks like anniversaries are always remembered, and that we all are always grateful for each one we pass successfully.


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That is the one thing I didn't want to remember before I became stage IV. I wouldn't make my yearly appointment for my mammogram during the same month I was diagnose. I would still have to look up the exact date of my mastectomy though I do know the month. I am good on dates but it was one I didn't want to remember. To me there wasn't anything to celebrate.

I was diagnose before the internet. Up until I was diagnose, people who had breast cancer didn't talk about it. I was amazed how many people came over to me and said, "I had breast cancer also" after learning about me.

I also had 3 recurrences and so many surgeries (20) (with my other medical problems) that if I tried to remember them all, I would be having them every month.

Best thing is to remember only the dates you need to in order to give an accurate history to a new doctor.

I have kept my medical history on my computer. When I do consult a new doctor, I make certain it is updated if I had another problem, run a copy off along with my many medications. I don't have to think about it at all.

One can't possibly forget but for many years between my 2nd and 3rd recurrence (NED) I didn't give cancer much of a thought. I did go to my old forum every week or two but mainly to support an online friend who was diagnose the same month as I, we were the same ER+, had a lot in common up until her recurrence in 2000. She was my rock when I had my first recurrence in 1999. I wanted to be there for her and so I would go on offering support. We did email a lot. The rest of the time, I made the most of it, doing my bucket list, traveling and enjoying life to the hilt. I am so glad I took that opportunity as I would not be able to do it now.


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Go an enjoy life. If it returns, there will be time enough to deal with it then. Don't think about it until you visit your oncologist, hopefully just once a year. Don't give cancer the valuable time of your day.

My advice... go and enjoy.

Best wishes to you,


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I love that " Don't give cancer the valuable time of your day."

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Double Whammy
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May you never have another worry.


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I hope you can celebrate this anniversary many many more times!!



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