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Good News So Far!

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Scott's last Rad and Chemo treatment was Feb. 28, 2012 and so far NED!!!!! I just want to thank everyone for listening and helping with our questions. We were so confused at times and it really helped to have this network of great people to go to so THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU AND THANK-YOU!

A dear friend of ours was recently diagnosed with throat cancer and is about to start his journey so I gave him this site to come to for answers or to just vent. He will beat this just like Scott did I have no doubt! Praise God~

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Great news for Scott, the more NED’s the better. I hope you can “taste” the good feelings.



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Congrats on Scott's NED. Everytime one of us newcomers reads about someone on here with a NED, it offers so much hope.

You're right about this board....the smartest and the most supportive people reside here...I don't know what I would have done without them either.


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We do need good news on this board. Can never get too much good news Rick.

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To start the weekend off right. Time for a celebration!!!

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We knew that Scott had it him, now he don't..

Totally awesome news...


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Congratulations on the NED for your husband Scott and you. It's so important and inspirational for all the surviviors to see that. Keep doing what you are doing.

Enjoy every moment of your day.


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Glad to hear your news. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is very inspiring for the rest of us, even as caregivers, to hear this and give us hope.


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Pam M
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Have to tell you - I "saved" your post for last when reading here, because I was pleased to see "Good news" in the title.

Sorry to hear about your friend, though - hope he joins the site.

Still, wonderful to see "NED". Congrats. Celebrate every day, even if it's in a tiny way for only a few moments.

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