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Home After Biopsy

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This has been such a bad-news day on this message board that I will make my report brief. Anesthesia -> Biopsy -> Lung Collapse -> Tube In Lung -> Overnight in Hospital -> Clear Liquid Diet (Yuk) -> Minimal Pain :-) -> Can't Pee -> Urinary Catheter / In and Out -> Still Can't Pee -> Urinary Catheter Again (Double Ouie) -> Finally Can Pee Again (Lucky Me) -> Hole In Lung Healed Enough to Go Home -> Home.

I'm told not to cough. I normally cough a lot due to laryngectomy/voice prosthesis. I'm temporarily on a high dose of a narcotic cough medicine. It keeps the cough to a minimum but really knocks me out. Will be on this high dose for a couple of days. Don't want to cough a hole into my lungs. Of course, I won't drive or use sharp tools. I may post "normally" or I may post a little less often.

The pulmonologist said he took a lot of samples, and hoped they would be "adequate". Results Monday.

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truly the long and short of it...a true report! :)

I'm sorry you have to wait till Monday for the results, but the cough medicine will keep you in la la land so it will go fast. I ended up with a punctured lung when I got my port...you must have healed up quickly...it took a week for them to pull the tube and send me home with a little balloon I kept in my pocket for another two days. It's scary when you can't breathe. The not being able to pee must have been insult to injury...OWIE is right!

Sending positive thoughts and tucking you into my pocket for your Monday appointment...


PS...good to know you are staying away from sharp tools, too....LOL

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Peanut’s Dad (hope that is ok),

Glad you are home and in such (good) shape. I would tell you that peeing is overrated, but the H&N forum has me on water duty all day.

I hope everything works in your favor and I am sorry for your discomfort.



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Sorry about all that you are going thru. Keep us posted about results. Try to have a peaceful weekend, as much as possible. La la land is good sometimes.


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For any one person! I think you would need the rest from the cough meds even if it weren't for the cough. I'm glad you are home and equally glad you are not going to play with sharp objects. Get some rest and keep us posted, I'm praying for good results.

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LOL, I love it, that has got to be the most brief, yet detailed report I have ever seen on here.

I think it should be the new standard when time and energy for communication is in play.

It does sound like you had it rough, but made it through enough to get home and on your way to recovery...

The one thing that would bother me is telling me "OK, now don't cough".

That's like being in the CT or PET machine, and them saying, "OK, now don't swallow"...that's all I can think of or have a "need" to do, LOL...


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I can see the reason, of course, but just hearing that makes me want to cough! Glad you have some strong cough syrup to help with that now compulsive desire to cough.

Let us hear from you about the results.

Hugs. But not TOO tight. :)

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I love your description. It made me laugh. Glad you are home. Please be good and don't cough. Try to take it easy over the weekend and let us know what you find out. Prayers.


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I am glad you made it through the biopsy. I am sorry for posting such negative news. I hate that you may have edited your post because of the nature of mine. I am very interested in what you are going through. It helps me in ways you don't know to have something else to think about other than just David. I will pray for you and hope this turns out well for you.

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Please post whatever you need to post. We of course want good news about David. But we also want factual news. Vivian: You did not make the news bad by posting it. Everyone here has had good and bad days/weeks, and I think we are some of the best people to understand the ups and downs experienced by other patients/caregivers on our road. Rick.

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