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Kicking Cancer in the Butt

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There have been several request recently for lots of information about how to prepare for treatment, lists of things to have on hand prior to, and how to deal with side effects. I am posting a link below to a book that is available on Amazon.com that was written by a virtual friend of mine, Theresa Mayhew, which gives extensive information on how to get through this. The information in the book was compiled from anal cancer survivors, such as myself, and is one of the best sources I know of. It is an inexpensive book and well worth the cost, IMO. I have this book saved in a file, so if you don't want to order it, I might be able to e-mail it to you--at least I would be willing to try. Send me a PM here and let me know and include your e-mail address.

I must note here that, despite Theresa's wonderful contribution in the form of this book, she did not survive her disease. However, the information contained in this book can definitely help others have a different outcome.

Also, please check out the website analcancerhelp.info, which was started by another friend of mine. You'll find lots of helpful information there.

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Hi mp327,
If you don't mind, what kind of cancer did your friend have?

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She had anal cancer, which is why I posted the information. The book is geared towards surviving anal cancer, the treatment, and the post-treatment.

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Sorry to hear that she didn't survive. I purchased the book and wish I had purchased it before treatment. Too bad drs. couldn't give it to their patients prior to treatment... they probably don't know about it...


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