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Doctor decline for the treatment stage 4

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Hello Everyone,

I am writing on behalf of my mother Mrs.Neelam Singh. She has been recently diagnosed for Adenocarcinoma stage 4 lung cancer. The disease has been metastasised to her brain and heart. Rest of her body parts are alright. She is also suffering from progressive systemic scelerosis which developed into pulmonary progressive systemic scelerosis. Recently with in couple of months her body immunity went too down and it turned out to be Malignant cancer. We had shown previously oncologist he had treated her with high level of carboplantin and paciltexal combination.This had cause acute respiratory distress. For that she was admitted in other hospital for pulmonlogy check-up they also adviced she is unfit for chemotherapy and oncologist in that hospital suggest to let her die in four mths because her oxygen saturation level not normal and they can persue chemotherapy because she is not ideal candidate.

Please advice what we can do about it ?

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I am very sorry for your mother's condition. I have stage 4 cancer in my lungs as well. The chemo and radiation are starting to give me lots of little problems (age 63). I don't really want to get even weaker by continuing with them, yet I know I'm going to die without them. I came to this site tonight looking for some hope. I wish I could give you some. Don't put your mother through it, especially if she is very old. My mother had a stage 4 cancer and the nurses suggested she not get treatment because of her age (83). My mother wanted the cancer gone. She had to quit the chemo and you could see her get weaker and weaker after each radiation treatment. We often wonder what her quality of life would have been with out the chemo and radiation. Watching her die is what scared the heck out me. I can't tolerate pain and it was terrible for her. We can't know how individuals will react, only what normally happens. Most stage 4 don't live long- and it keeps spreading. Crappy Cancer :-(
I hope there is someone out there who will answer you with more hope.

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I have had laryngeal cancer since 2010. I have some advice for H&N cancer patients. But I too new to lung cancer to give any good advice. (I get my lung biopsy results Monday.) However, I would check out the Lungevity Message Boards. You do not need to register in order to read the boards. (But you need to register in order to post.)

I find the Lungevity Boards are a little hard to navigate. You have to scan the posting date in the right column because most recent posts are not displayed at the top of the page.


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have you tried to bring her to sloan??? When I found out my mother had breast and ovarian cancer if was my mission to make sure I did all I could to get her the best treatment and doctors I could. It gave my peace of mind knowing that no matter what I did the best I could to try and save her life. So if I where you I would do the same, take her for another opinion and see if they tell you same. Dont loose hope there is always hope !!

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Definately get a second opinion at one of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network hospitals or one of their affiliates. Visit NCCN.org. Also ask about giving her Tarceva. It is often given as treatment of last resort and works in a small percentage of patients who do not test EGFR+ and is somewhat milder on the body (my mom's doctor went this route for her).

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When the world shouts GIVE UP hope whipers try....

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hi my name is jacqui and i am from england. My sister has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer it is also in her lymph nodes and liver but dr says she is responding well to treatment. Wish you all the luck for your mother

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