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CEA Increase

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Devasted. Cea went up from 7.9 to 14.7.

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it does mean bad news. hang in there!

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Cathleen Mary
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Take a deep breath, Vicki. We are rooting for you.

Cathleen Mary

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So sorry to hear this.

How soon will you be able to meet with doc to make a plan?

Prayers coming your way.


Marie who loves kitties

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I'm sorry Vicki :( I can feel the disappointment in your short post. Hang in there and fight, fight, fight! I'll be thinking and praying for you.

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Are you getting a CT ot pet. Are you doing chemo? Time to knock the crap out and beat it's arse!!!

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Just a reminder that it could be the dead cancer cells raising your CEA level...when they die off, they emit a protein, which can cause a rise in CEA levels.

It could mean that something is working...

My new onc NEVER did a CEA the whole time I was in chemo...he didn't see the point, since the levels fluctuate along the scale and vary so much week to week, during treatment.

All oncs are different...I liked my guy's approach...I don't believe that CEA tells us one thing real when in treatment.

After the fires have settled, that's when you get a better indicator.

I can understand them monitoring though...even though mine did not. Still, fight the fight...do the chemo...and see where the CEA is at.

I've seen folks in the thousands here....mine at one time was about 600 or so...

Don't freak yet...I'll tell you when to:)


Did you smile?


Seriously, Vicki...stay the course...don't deviate...put your arms around my shoulder, because even with my bad back...I'm gonna' try and lift you up:)

Still too early to mail it in...get mad...get even...remember Simon Says?

Well, The Lion Says!



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I understand and know that feeling. I realize how you feel, because I am feeling the same way at the moment. You'll be waiting for another blood test in three weeks, that will either confirm a raise, or maybe it'll go lower (we can hope, I take my next blood test the 19th). Just know, you are not alone and at worst it means trying another chemo but you know, we can do this, we really can.
Winter Marie

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hang in there cea is not a good marker for me so i dont know much about that ,but i do agree with craig.he has been around the block a time or two and really seems to know his stuff.listen to the lion that roars.remember to fight and it will get better....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Try not to be devastated. My cea is 10.9 and my last chemo was 8/1.
My oncologist looks at the whole picture.
It will get better.We are all fighting together.
So appreciate the support on these boards.

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I appreciate this is not the news you wanted but if I remember rightly is still fairly early in current plan so be patient, repeat and look at trends. How do you feel? Any scan results? Any change in symptoms? Remember cea is only one part of the puzzle.

Keep your head above water.


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My CEA levels declined from 19.7 pre surgery to 3.1 post surgery. Then with chemo treatment my CEA flucuated betweeen 6.3 and 13.3. I didn't even ask for my latest CEA test results. I figure I will wait for post treatment tests. What else can I do?

My understanding is that CEA levels can increase as a result of trauma to the body, inflamation, infections, and God knows what else. Also, my understanding is that the CEA test is simply an indicator, the CT Scans have to show a tumor before the doctors can do any additional treatment...

Others???? Is this correct?

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I'll just echo what everyone else has said . . . except for Judy ;-) You might want to edit your post, unless you have a mean streak! Just kidding, I know you meant the opposite, but I tend to find humor in just about everything.

Hang in there, Vicki!


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It isn't like it is in the hundreds! Don't read more into it than it is!!!

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Thank you for everyone's encouraging words. That really, really helped a lot!

I love you all!


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Don't panic Vicki...those darned old CEA's can bounce around like mad.....that being said I too understand.....it is soooooo hard to ignore and keep the negative thoughts in line.....

take care Vicki and very best of everything


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Nothing makes me crazier then CEA. All my husbands scans are normal but post surgery August 10, 2012 for colostomy he went from 1.9 to 11.3. He will start Xeloda, and they are doing the genetic marker test to see if he can do Irinotecan or Erbitux not sure which is which. The doctor feels could be some cancer cells in lungs or liver so they did special scan today. My husband started this journey 2008 and had a 3 year remission. So far he has had surgery to remove tumor, radiation, and chemo, and surgery for a colostomy due to blockage from radiation and one dead tumor. This year has been a CEA rollercoaster we live and breath CEA.

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my suggestion is go out and have some fun, or stay in and have some fun.

get your mind off cancer and the cea rise.

strange me saying thst, who is obsessed with research.

I have a big day tomrrow, pet scan, mri with contrast and chemo embolisation and today I driving to a friends place 3 hours away and tonight dancing and dinner.

we cannot run away from our challenges, but they don't have to stop us enjoying the life we have, live it well.


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Thats it we are extremely busy. Love God first then, fishing, mountains and beach, and my husband is a drummer. Only thing slowing us down right now is the cold wheater. I hope by spring chemo will be over the first place we always go when spring hits is fishing in mountains. We are pretty much catch & release but last year my husband got such a big trout I let him cook it.
We are retired but with this cancer not so much the golden years. We met late is life and have only been together 6 years.

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Your last line reminded me of this lyric sang by Karen Carpenter...

"We've Only Just Begun..."


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