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Sentinel lymph node biopsy

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I have surgery next week and will have the dye injected. I have heard it is very painful. What can you tell me about this procedure?

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Well finally a post I feel I can actually contribute something to from personal experience.

I had my lumpectomy Monday, and the dye injection the Sunday before it.

Well for almost 2 weeks prior to that, as a few on this very board can attest, I was a raving mess about that damn dye injection. I had read a few posts, and searched around the net seeing varying accounts of horror and satanic torture pain for this injection.

I litterally got myself into a state of sheer panic over it, and was taking Xanax for 3 days prior.

So, here is what actually happened.

I went to the hospital, got into a gown, laid down on a table. I asked to be numbed, they said they dont do that because it inhibits the dye, I was terrified as to what to expect.

Then, the tech injected the dye. It was maybe 2 seconds of about a level 5 (out of 10) pain, followed by maybe 4 seconds of level 4 burning pain as the dye went in, and then..


I had made myself a wreck over 6 seconds of pain way less than missing the cutting board when cutting an onion, or a veggie and slicing open a finger..

Dont fear the dye injection... it was really the VERY LEAST of this whole crappy deal.

Hope that helped

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My experience was very similar to DianeHelen's. Very little pain, just a few seconds.

DianeHelen: Don't you feel good putting other people at ease a little?
I think the not knowing is what makes us all crazy. We often think the worst is going to happen. We just need to take one step at a time.And we need to be there for each other.


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YUP. :-D

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Thank You so much I think I have worked myself up over it also. I have 0 tollerance for pain. I am much more at ease now. Bless you

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How did the biopsy go pbhames?

Hugs, Kylez

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I totally agree with what you said...it was short time and nothing to fret over...


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It has been a couple years, but as I recall it is pretty quick. It did hurt but the pain was brief.

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Megan M
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Thinking of you and hoping the lymph node biopsy will be clear!

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It was a total non-issue for me.

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