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One other question about scar tissue

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So I can't really find any info on this and know that this group is the best to ask. I have read some threads where others have talked about fibrosis in the neck. Is that because of scar tissue? I think the point I'm getting is is it even valid for me to believe that this spot in my neck is scar tissue. It's small, hard and not painful. It doesn't bother me except for the fact that I know it's there. I will have my PEt on Tues and find out results on Wed but I just wanted to hear from some others so that I can make it through the weekend with as little anxiety as possible.

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The radiation is the main culprit for fibrosis... And there's many degrees I'm sure.

Back in the day they use to refer to it as wooden neck syndrome.

I seriously doubt that you have anything cancer related to worry about, but it's always good to follow-up and communicate with your MD's.

And they seem to be pro-active as you are, which is very good.

The tissue on my neck (main side that took the hardest dose of rads)..is much thicker (less subtle). It also tends to cramp when I turn my head certain ways.

Most of that has developed more over the last year or two.

Anyways, I'm sure others will chime in soon as well.


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Fibrosis and lymphedema are the two conditions I’ve heard about here. The neck massages I had were to help the lymphatic system drain. This helped with the swelling around my neck. Fibrosis is what my rad onc talked about when feeling my neck. I imagine fibrosis could manifest as a hard spot, but I don’t know. My “cancer radar” says to ask an expert (which you are going to do next week. Currently, my neck does not feel as smooth and bump free as it did a year ago. I call that fibrosis and the swelling I am having around my neck I call lumphedema. I can massage out the swelling, but not the funny feeling (to the touch) areas. The only area where there is a hint of tenderness is where I had my Jugular Vein dissection and it is mostly slightly numb.

My prescription is, relax and enjoy your weekend



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I like Matts' prescription. Have a good weekend, easier said than done, I know, but try.


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