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PET scan and AdCC

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Wanted to share my history of scans, not to scare, but to encourage you to ask if it does not feel right.
Prior to dx I had an ultra sound - showed an ill defined area in submandibular gland. That promted a CT which showed nothing, specificaly nothing in or around the gland. Several doctors later had a MRI, also neg, specifically around the galnd. A few doctors later had FNA ultrasound guided biopsy of ill defined area identified in ultrasound. Positive for AdCC. Heres the kicker. After they knew what and where it was, I had a PET scan and it didn't show up.
The only imaging technique that picked up on my 3.4cm tumor was a ultrasound.


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but not impossible. None of the techniques available are perfect. All have a certain false negative, as well as false positive rate. Thankfully your clinician persisted and pressed on to definitive studies. Failing to do that would have left you in a pickle. Wishing you the best.


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Kudos to your medical team, some people are just darn smart.

I felt a lump, had a fine needle biopsy, they found cancer, had a PET scan and my rear end lit up, yikes! A peak in the rear door, nothing going on in there, whew! Oh, my neck and tongue also lit up during the PET scan. One quick surgery to excise my uninvited guest and I was cleared for treatment.

You know it is just like cancer to not show up for a PET scan (kidding)



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I'm glad they stuck with it, lts.

Let us hear how things go.

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