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What to expect after stent insertion ?

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Some background: For last two years, my mother is undergoing treatment for stage-4 cancer. She has had in total 23 chemo sessions and two radio sessions so far as cancer detected three times now. First it appeared on surface of liver and abdominal region that followed surgical removal and chemo sessions. Than it appeared in lymph nodes (again infected ones removed) and chemo sessions. Last month PET discovered patches on liver again for which one chemo was done. Last week she was diagnosed with jaundice for which about two days ago doctors inserted a metal stent. The pain in liver (cancerous) is still there.

It has been two days after stent insertion but my mom is having a lot of vomiting (throwing out yellow-green substance, bile I think). I was expecting that after stent relief should come very fast, but that does not seem to be the case. Her second chemo was due today which she has to miss because of high bilirubin levels in blood. I am concerned as the chemo sessions for the cancer in liver are being missed.

Can someone suggest what to expect (assuming successful stent insertion) in coming days/week ? When would typically vomiting may go down and bilirubin can be expected to be close to normal ? How much time does it take. Are these vomiting even after two days a normal sign ?



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